Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Once is just not enough

So my mom decided that visiting the ER and being admitted to the hospital once this year just wasn't enough.

Yesterday morning around 8:40am she fainted at work. They were able to get her over to the hospital where they checked her heart again. After having returned to a normal rythme just a couple weeks ago it was racing again. So she was put back on the medication to slow it down as well as the blood thinners. She will probably be there for 3 days like last time.

Come Together

Most of the fighting in Iraq these days seems to be between the Sunnis and Shiites. There has to be someway to get them to join together....to fight a common enemy. I have a plan that will get them working together and make the world a better place.

The Spice Girls as you may have heard are reuniting for a series of concerts starting in December. On their website, they are having a contest to see which world city they should add to the tour. They promise to play for whatever city gets the most votes.

This is where you come in. Won't you help me to promote peace in the Middle East and rid the world of the so called "music" of the Spice Girls all at once?

Please vote.

Spice Girls in Baghdad, Iraq.

The world needs you now. Let your voice be heard.

What would you do?

Starting tomorrow, Barry Bonds will be playing series on the road against the Dodgers and the Padres. He's standing on 754 homeruns....one short of Hank Aaron's all-time record. Sadly I don't have tickets to any of the local games when the record could and most likely will be broken. My question is: What would you do if you caught the record breaking ball? I thought about this last week. I think I'd be carrying a sharpie with me to the games. If I caught the ball, I'd write "756*" and "Aaron is still the king" on it before throwing it back on the field. This topic came up on the sports talk show I listen to in the afternoon, and others had very similar ideas. It gives me hope that Dodger fans will get very creative this week. The deafening boos for a cheater where there would normally be cheers for a great career accomplishment will be music to my ears, although I'm saddened that this event is actually happening.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Where did he go? We'll find out in the Season 19 season premiere

Does whatever a Spider-Pig does.
Can he swing
From a web?
No, he can't
He's a pig
Here comes the Spider-Pig!


Can anyone give us a ride to the airport?
We leave from Ontairo at 1:00pm on August 7th
So I am guessing we would need to be there around 11:30am.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sights to See

the mr. and mrs. are getting leaving in a week for a much needed vacation. paul was lucky enough to get two weeks off this year. this is the most he has ever taken at one time. we will be heading to washington d.c. area.

my question to you is what should we do and see while there?
i am not sure how many surrounding states we may wander into... so your suggestions do not have to be just in d.c.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Becky and Uncle Bill walking down the isle

Saying their "I Do's" Becky and Aunt MarieTime to cut the cake

On the 19th of July in Jamaca these two love birds got hitched.

Congratulations you two.

Mr. Simpson

This Birthday shoutout goes out to Nick. Happy Birthday brother. Sorry we couldnt be together to celebrate. We love you man.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Rewind: Two weeks ago my mom was told by my Uncle Ron that if we wanted to see Robin we should get up there right away. So we went. A day or two prior she refused any more feedings and her blood pressure and anti-seziure medication. She only wanted pain and naseau meds. We spent a number of hours with her over two days. Last week we heard rumors she was back on meds and feedings. I assumed they got the nasea undercontrol which was her biggest complaint other than her constant head pain.

Current: My mom and I were getting ready to go up again, my mom wanted to speak to Ron ahead of time to see what was going on and if anyone else was going to be up (the idea being that either her best friends are up or some form of family there every weekend). Ron told us that earlier today she was getting very agitated and the the Hospice nurses said that usually means the end is coming. The nurse stopped by the house to check things out and give her some medication. She slipped into a coma they are not sure if it was on her own or if the medicine is causing the lack of responsiveness.

I am begging you to all pray for my family. This has been a very difficult road for so many in our family. Robin is my mom's only and baby sister. Pray for Ron and the kids Amanda (19) and Josh (16). We do not know what is going to happen. The nurse said it could be anywhere from a couple days to a couple months.

CowAbunga at the OC Fair

Last weekend we headed out to the fair. Paul's sister Amy had never been to any fair before and we had a couple of discount tickets so we got the whole family(paul's parents and sister, my mom, me and paul) together and headed out. Alaskan Pig Races
Paul's parents
Weird Al concert

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Even though you didn't mean it that way, I took it as a compliment kid. Thanks!

"Hey lady"
"What's yo staff's name....that white dude?"
"Yeah man he be doing some crazy s*** last night up in my dorm jumping through windows and puttin' that boy down like it's Mission Impossible up in this b****."

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Letter from Linda

Dear Friends,

Praise God for his goodness. Terry went to be with our Lord today at about 4:00 AM this morning, Tuesday, July 16. He went very peacefully, having had only a very few days of pain. He was surrounded by Jason, Todd, his sister Jane and myself. What a gift from God for someone with cancer to be released so quickly and with so little pain. As he did throughout his life in so many areas, he continued to surprise me, doing things in his own unique way. He loved us, his family, very much, and fought for so long to stay with us. Now he gets to sing with the angels, be on key, and not have to try to read music!!!

The celebration of his life will be Sunday, July 22, 2007 at 3:00 PM atVista Grande Community Church 10881 Tierrasanta Blvd. San Diego, CA. 92124 with a reception afterwards.

Linda,Jason, Todd & the Sloan Family

Oh yeah...

On August 21, the greatest song and video in the history of the world continues. "Trapped in the Closet" chapters 13-22 will be released! I can only hope it will be as spectacularly bad as the first 12 chapters.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Vegas broke my car!

So the bad part of the Vegas trip was the drive home. Morgan and I got all the way to Baker making great time. Then all of a sudden both lanes of traffic came to a full stop. This was at about 800pm. Our original timeline had us in Victorville around 915pm. However it took us 3 hours to go about 7 and a half miles. Our max speed was 15 for about two min. Otherwise we were going about 2 miles per hour or under.

We finally made it to Victorville to stop at a gas station, use the facilities and find something to eat as we bypassed Baker. It was midnight by this time. When I went to start up the car again, it took two tries to get it going and I figured that it was angry because of the heat and the idiling for so long. Poor Black Beauty. I didn't give it a second thought.

The next morning the three of us (Paul, Morgan and I) got ready to go somewhere... I haven't the faintest idea where and it took 4 tries to see if it would start up. OY. This is so not good. So I back it into the garage incase it needs a jump start when we take it to the Auto Shop.

Now it is Monday morning and I just walked over to the shop to pick up my car. My wallet is much lighter due to needing a new starter. I just keep trying to remind myself that in the last 4 years the only thing we have ever had done for this car was a month after my dad bought it we had to replace the battery. It is still a harsh blow during the summer when I don't get paid again until October 1st.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Charlie in Vegas

We took our surrogate with us to Vegas as Charlie can't just leave Iraq to come vacation with us.
Click here to see all the fun that she had!

Friday, July 13, 2007

A Game Show and Wax-On

Wednesday brought us to the

I was very excited about this show, we even made shirts and wore funky glasses in hopes one of us would get on stage.
I assume it worked as Moe was called down to contestants row to bid on a Gold Flatware set. Sadly she did not win the bid, if she had she would have gotten

to play for up to $2500.
Maybe next time good buddy, maybe next time.

Then we headed over to a close by hot spot for celebs and

I got to hang out with Tim McGraw

There were also a few pirates hanging around

For more famous people click here.


Tuesday night we met up with Kelly for some dinner. The four of us were there for almost two hours. Then we decided to head over to Wal-Mart (dont laugh) what else is there to do in Vegas. It was very reminicent of when we were all back in college and went to Super K at 2 in the morning for no good reason.
After dinner and Wal-Mart Moe, Morgan and I headed over for a free Comedy Show
(thanks for the tickets Tom)

Lions and Ni Ni Ni

We had to stop by the lion exhibit, they are Morgans favorite.

We also saw Monty Python

Henderson Kwik-E-Mart

Not much of a difference between the two Kwik-E-Marts. At the one in Henderson, NV there is a gas station attached, NO line out front and no Apu like person walking around the store taking photos with people.

Most of the same characters were strewn about the place.


It was 104 at 10am when we reached Baker on our way to meet up with Moe in Vegas

Morgan taking photos while I was driving

We're here

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dear Parents,

I love working with your kids. I really do. But the next time your meth addicted son runs away from his dorm after one week, goes to your house, smokes out for three days, and is alternating between seizures and crazy behavior please, I repeat please do not dump his body in my driveway. Seriously...he's your problem, not mine.

I'm just sayin'.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


This birthday shout out goes to TK. I just want to wish her a fanTABulous day. You are now officially older than I am which is awesome. Have a great birthday and I love you Kid.

Opps...Forgot one

Friday, July 06, 2007

Marge... Kwik-E-Mart

So much fun! We love squishee's.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Griffith J. Griffith

Pauls days off were switched and shortened this week so on Tuesday (his day off) we headed up to the observatory. Cyndi had never been there and Paul had been back before it was remodeled and enlarged.
We had the pleasure of Amy's company

Cyndi and Einstien figuring out the world together.
Sunset from the roof
Paul checking out Venus.
The bright spot on the right picture is Venus with the naked eye.

P&C enjoying the view

Parting is such sweet sorrow but we were hungry and had to go visit the Kwik-E-Mart

Monday, July 02, 2007

What time is it?

Demolition Derby time at the Del Mar Fair!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Letters from IRAQ

June 8, 2007
I just wanted to write a quick note to say that I'm finally headed to the sandbox (Iraq). It's been a crazy week at CRC (CONUS Replaycement Center) at Ft. Benning. It was inprocessing that could have taken 2 days, but since we did it the Army way, it took one week. I got to meet some great people and had a fun time hanging out with new friends. I'll try and send another email once I get in country. That will probably take a few days. It's going to be one loooonnngg plane ride! I promise to send pictures (but none like Abu Graihb!!!). You all stay safe and have some fun for me. luv ya!Charlene

June 13, 2007
Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that I arrived in Baghdad yesterday. I will be at Camp Liberty. I don't have an address yet, but will let you know when i do. I should get my own room. The internet access is slow and problematic. So for now, instant messanger and skype isn't working. Hopefully, it will improve. The living conditions here remind me of a third world country...oh wait...that's where i am. lol. I'll send pictures of my room later.gotta go for now. i'll write more later.charlene

June 23, 2007
Hello everyone, Just another quick note to say that i'm still alive and well. =) The days are beginning to run together.Work is going well. I basically interview people and decide if I want them to work on base. It's getting pretty busy and will just get worse. Half our team is going on vacation at the beginning of July. Lucky me. Technically, we are suppose to work 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. And it will be about that much with everyone on vacation.I have my own room with a queen bed. I am very happy about that. Now I just need stuff to decorate! I'm thinking of going with a tiki bar theme. Gotta have something fun and interesting around here, right? And we are one of the lucky ones because we live in reinforced hardened facilities (concrete buildings). Most people either live in tents or trailers.

My address is:
Charlene Spires
Team L-3
Camp Victory
APO AE 09342

If you send me anything...send it regular mail....I repeat Regular mail...don't waste your money on anything priority because it will all get here at the same time. Ask about any special rates to sending it to an APO address. It may be cheaper if you tell them it's going to a poor girl in Iraq. Oh, I know some questions were asked about the Green Zone...I should clarify that I am not in the green zone or in the IZ. That is in the center of Baghdad. My base is southwest of Baghdad by the airport. I finally started working out again. It feels great to get out and run a bit. Despite it being Iraq, the scenery isn't too bad. We are next to a lake and a river, which surround Sadaam's palaces. It's very surreal to be running by Sadaam's palaces, with a large knife strapped on your side, and mortars exploding (in the distance, that is!). Hopefully, I will figure out a way to send you all some pictures. Other than that, it's been hot and dry. I forget what clouds look like.time for me to go to bed. I'll try and update you all as things go along...Charlene

June 29, 2007
Hi everyone! Just thought I'd share the news that I have officially been promoted to Sergeant. =) Luv your new NCO,
Sgt. Spires
now drop and give me 20!

June 30, 2007
Hey all, I got to drive around a bit today. Here's some pics of the palaces. We occupy the area all around the palaces. The palaces are surrounded by water and the lakes have a ton of fish. Saddam built a life size Flintstone village for his kids, Udday and Qusay because they loved to watch the cartoon. very funny stuff. more to come,Charlene