Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fo real doh?

For AMY (saw this on FARK and thought of you)

Chesterton cops say woman had merchandise in pants

By Times Staff Saturday, September 27, 2008
CHESTERTON From "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" to "Death Row" the titles of DVDs stolen from Kmart seemed to foreshadow the luck of one would-be shoplifter.A Michigan City woman pulled 19 items out of her pants -- including 10 DVDs -- Thursday after police were called to investigate a theft report.A loss prevention agent at Kmart, 750 Indian Boundary Road, on Thursday stopped Tina Yeakey, 32, of Michigan City, and her friend in the parking lot for suspected shoplifting.

According Chesterton police, the investigating officer dumped out Yeakey's purse and found two dental kits, a bottle of cologne, one toy car, 12 packs of Ponds Facial Strips, a bottle of antifungal cream, two fingernail kits and two bottles of foundation primer were stolen from the store.The officer then asked if she had taken anything else. She replied "no," according to police.When informed that she would be patted down by the officer, Yeakey unbuttoned her pants and pulled out 10 DVDs, a Play Station video game, a pair of white tube socks, a black and red bra, a black and red pair of women's underwear with the word "pouty" printed on them, three pairs of size 4T boys underwear and two women's rings.Yeakey also handed over to police a utility knife that she used to open the packages in the store.Yeakey was charged with felony theft and misdemeanor conversion. She was taken to Porter County Jail, which has no death row.

Yeakey's friend was not arrested. Police said she had no stolen items in her possession and surveillance video showed her friend did not assist her in concealing the items.

Friday, September 26, 2008


We have a beautiful CLEAN white fridge that we have to sell because we dont have room for it at our new place. Problem is we need to have it out of our old apartment by Monday afternoon! If you know anyone who might be interested we will be around all day tomorrow and I will be around on Sunday. Make us an offer we cant refuse.


My school is doing a fundraiser through Cherrydale. They have a wide variety of items for purchase. If you see something you would like to purchase let me know before you buy it so I can sign up your email address, that way our school gets credit for the sale.When you recieve the email from the company make sure you click on the link where it says that the school information will be automatically put in for you. The sale goes through Oct. 6th. You can look at the products at

Thanks for your support

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gizmo got a collar

This is a Christmas collar I bought for Meeko a couple years ago. Since Meek has out grown it and never really showed an interest in it I brought it home to try it out on Gizmo. I must tell you it is quite hilarous to watch this for hours on end. He will also pick it up and carry it from room to room. He enjoys hiding it under the recliner and then sneaking up on it to attack it.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Garage Sale

My moms house


730am - 1pm

Spread the word.


He likes to hang out on the couch and stalk, sleep and play. Isn't he just the cutest!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our family is growing!

Now he just needs a name! Any ideas? So far we've heard (Orange) Julius, Finn, and Ollie. We have to come up with something before "the boy" sticks.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

We're on our way...

Day 1 of moving didn't start as early as I thought it would. I went to pick up the keys at 9am and found that we both had to sign a ton of paperwork before we could get them. I drove back home only to find a message from Cyndi saying that she could leave work for a bit to meet me there. I didn't even walk in our old place. I just turned around and went back to the new place. I guess I should look into a Bluetooth thingie.

Anyway, we got everything signed and inspected by noon. Cyndi went back to work while my dad and I both loaded up our cars and took the first batch of boxes. Cyndi joined us after that for a Carl's Jr. lunch and round 2 of boxes. Just as we finished that load, Bradley made it to our old place to help with load 3. Bradley and dad left after that. We went to get a little dinner and pick up a few things from Target. We made a late trip back to the new place to set some things up and sort out some of the stuff that was just piled into the smaller bedroom.

Tomorrow morning we can pick up the moving truck at 8:30am and then we'll move the bigger furniture and some things we have in storage in our garage. I'm hoping it will go smoothly. I know I'll be exhausted this week, and really wish I had some time to rest especially after the craziness this past week. I'll have to remember to blog that another time.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Three Short Days

And this will be the view from my apartment.
This is the layout of our new place
Here are photos off the website of what our place will look like.

The DL for the move on Saturday Sept. 13th Paul and I will be up around 6am to begin the move with the help of Brad. The boys will go rent a truck and then we will begin loading it. Anytime the rest of you who are so generously donating time to help us move can filter in when ever you are up and ready. You can give us a call on one of our cells to find out where we are at that time (if you don't have our numbers leave a comment and I will get them to you)

Friday, September 05, 2008

Friendly Affairs

I have some very wonderful friends that I do not get to see very often. I would just like to tell them what a pleasure it is when I get to see them and how much I think of them while we are not together. You all rock! Here are just a couple that I recently saw for some hang out time.

IHOP- Kelly and I met up for breakfast while I was in Vegas the week before school started. We didnt have long to chat as she had to get the kiddos to basketball games. I am glad she was able to drive over and meet me. Hopefully I will be able to see her next week as well

Labor Day- I was invited over to Marc & Tiff's new place for some BBQ, conversation, and games. The girls broke out the cards and a couple board games while the mens BBQ'ed and hung out. It was a great time to relax before the beginning of the school year.

Afternoon before 1st day of school- Kathleen (who used to work at the MS with me moved on to greener pastures down in the OC) and I have been trying to get together for much of the summer but due to travels and family goings on we never got our stuff together. Finally on the 3rd we made a lunch date to catch up. We met up over at Pat & Oscars had some good food and sat and talked for about 2 hours. We decided we should do this at least once a month. She is someone who I just sort of clicked with at work (I think it was our being Boston fans that first got us talking) she became my BTSA provider and we really enjoyed the time we got to spend together.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It's official...

After 7 years here, P&C is moving to a new home base. We're not going too far though. The new place is near Cerritos College. Besides getting away from the horrible maintenence issues here, we'll also be getting an extra bedroom, a dishwasher, and can have critters, all without leaving the area.

The big move will be on Saturday the 13th. We'd love some help even if you can only come for a little while. We'll feed you and everything. Good times. Let us know if you can make it so we can figure out a plan. Thanks!