Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

G-mo's newest facination

A few days ago I had some left over ice chips from a drink, so they were tossed into the sink to melt away. Moments later I hear a weird noise coming from the kitchen, I walk in to see G-mo smacking the ice around. He will sit and stare at it for awhile waiting for the right moment to pounce on it ( he is doing this right now as I am typing!) then he begins to smack it around but of course it is cold and wet so every couple smacks he has to stop and lick his paw for a minute or so. Then the boy is back at it peering into the sink and waiting to pounce once again.

12th row for $12

Charlie and I also found some time to go to a Kings game while she was staying out here. She knew of a website with CHEAP tickets... and so we went. The action was great...
They broke the glass not once but TWICE!
We also got to see 3 Canadians in the penalty box at one time!
Truly a great game.

Charlie Comes To Town

Quick what do you do first?

Disneyland of course!

Charlie and I picked up Morgan and off we went...

Lots of self-portraits on rides.
Conquering the mountain

She volunteered to be in front, I swear!

A great time was had.