Monday, March 30, 2009

We <3 Swings

For A Great Cause

We became trash diggers in the early morning hours of Sunday. Tada!


TNT plus C went out bowling on Saturday night.
Game 1
David - 87
TK - 84
Cynders -130

Game 2
David - 94
TK - 87
Cynders -143 TK got a little camera happy tonight.

Oldie but a Goodie

TK and I have always loved to play us some air hockey!

Girls Night In!

On Friday night KJ, E-rock, TK, Tif and I all got together for an evening of fun. We decided to make mini individual pizza for dinner. Enjoyed some of KJ's delicious cupcakes, some drinks and of course healthy stuff like veggies.

Then we settled down in the living room for some boardgames. First up was Apples to Apples, KJ was the champion! Then we played some Scategories after 6 rounds KJ and I were tied so we played a 7th round which I won 10-8.

We had a great time hangin' together chatting and goofing off. Our self-portraits
Tif went a little camera happy
The girls

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Delight

The Hennings decided to have a BBQ last Sunday afternoon.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Zoom Zoom

Since none of my partners in crime were available I traveled up to Universal Studios on my own to catch the premiere of the new Fast & Furious movie. Some of the celebs walking the Red Carpet
I was able to grab a couple of them to take photos with before the movie started!

Take 2

Since we had so much fun at the first premiere we decided that we would do it all over again the following Tuesday. I don't much care for scary/horror type movies but TK and D were excited so Paul and I decided to go along for the outing.
This was at a different location than the Watchmen so we scoped out the area... was pretty small and easy to find places we could stand to try and get photos. It was way early and we were all just hanging out talking when we saw "Jason" from Friday the 13th. He was so sweet, asking our names and shaking our hands.

While we were still just milling around before the Red Carpet opened up I saw a guy come out of the parking structure with his hoodie on. I caught his eye and thought "huh, that guy looks so familiar" I elbow TK and demand that TIMDB tell me who it is. She took a moment and then freaked saying OTH! Took us a few minutes to remember his characters name. It was the bartender Owen. He ducked into the smoothie shop and I said we cannot pass this up! So, after he ordered and headed towards the door a little TK in her oh so sweet voice asked if we could pretty please get a quick photo and we would be quiet about it so no one else around us would notice. He said sure, chatted for a moment, and then headed back into the parking garage to go upstairs to the 24-hour fitness.
Finally it was time for the Red Carpet...

At this location we weren't allowed to line up along the perimeter, they shoved everyone into a small little area surrounded with ropes like a pigpen! The men there are mostly trying to get autographs so they can sell them and make money, we just wanted them for ourselves. I couldn't take it after a few minutes so I left and went upstairs into the parking garage so I wouldn't be shoved around. TK and D endured the pushing down on ground level. Paul split his time between the two. TK got marked up by the crazy stalkarazzi!

During the movie we went across the street to Borders to get some coffee and sit for awhile.
After the movie let out we were able to get a few photos with some celebs as they were coming out of the theatre.
Then TK, D and I dropped Paul off to pick up his car and jetted back to the apartment. We watched The BL while Paul talked to his bro and drove home. Another very LATE night but was fun times once again.

Watching the Watchmen, and other Celebs

Monday March 2nd 2009 Trisha, David and I headed up to LA to see the Yellow Carpet Premiere of The Watchmen. We walked up and down Hollywood Blvd. for a bit and happened upon The Mentalist which was shooting a scene. We stuck around and watched for awhile and ended up being able to be "extras" walking around on the street while they completed the scene.

Then we headed over and grabbed a bite to eat. We headed down to the front of the Kodak theatre found a great spot and settled in for the long hall. Slowly stars began to show up about 15min. behind schedule. TK did a great job grabbing shots from our vantage point.

Once everyone was inside we decided to walk around and browse since David had never been up to Hollywood Blvd before. The three of us waited around till the movie let out to see if we could catch any additional photos, or autographs. Unfortunately since it was such a major event and it had been raining earlier they had two different exits which means we missed a good portion of celebs leaving. TK did see a few she wanted to get photos with...

It was then time to head home as it was LATE!

Monday, March 23, 2009


TK, D and C went out for an evening of fud at Oscars and Mini Golf this past week. We got there about 25 min before they were going to close. We three goofed off, got passed up by 2 other groups and went the wrong way at one point so we had to loop back around. It was lots o fun though. By the time we got to the 18th hole we realized we were the only ones left other than a couple staff at the Family Fun Center! Opps. Some people cheated for other people but I wont rat them out. That TK is so goofy!After Mini Golf we tried to get a blizzard but the DQ was closed so... TK and C dropped off D and headed to Vons for some drinks. TK and I then headed up to the Rec. Center and talked while swinging. Good Times.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Infertile Myrtle

"Officially" we have been trying to conceive a baby for over 3 years. Obviously we have not been successful. So, this holiday season we got the recommendation to begin an investigation into infertility.

In February we attended an infertility seminar which was required. We went in not knowing what to expect, there were about 7 other couples and a few ladies there on their own. A woman led us through a class which discussed main reasons for infertility, % of couples who overcome their infertility, a list of don't dos (smoke, drugs etc.) and the steps we would begin to find out if our infertility problem is treatable.

Then it was time to get poked and prodded for laboratory tests. We were able to look up a few results online things like Cyndi's blood glucose levels.

This Friday we meet with an infertility specialist to go over the test results and decide if there is any plan of action we can pursue at this time.

Please do not ask specifics of whom is "at fault". Neither of us is at fault. WE are in this together, it is us as a couple who cannot seem to conceive a baby.

We are asking for your support and prayers as we begin a difficult journey. We feel like we are grieving an invisible loss. The options given to us are costly, Cyndi's work only covers 50% and soon she will not even have that coverage. We cannot even explain how difficult it has been coping with the news that we may not be able to be the parents we have always wanted to be.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Trying to Catch our Breath

Friday- I headed up to LA with MIL and SIL to see Rent for Amy's 21st birthday. When I got home Paul and I loaded up some laundry and packed a bag then headed for San Diego.

Saturday- We arrived in SD around 2am, but didn't get to sleep till around 3am. In the morning we got up round 9am ran errands, visited Citibank, had breakfast, ran some more errands, went shopping, did laundry, settled accounts, ordered dinner in, went to church at CVCF with Marc, Tiffany and TK, packed up our stuff and headed back to OC. Morgan called and invited us to Watchmen at 10pm. We made it to Irvine just in time for the previews.

Sunday-Enjoyed Watchmen, talked for a few minutes with Morgan and fam/friends. We finally began our last 30 miles home. We arrived home around 140am. Checked out the apartment for any damage (it was Gizmos first time alone over night) there was none! Then we fell into bed. Got up around 10am showered and headed up to ALH for birthday brunch at Almansor Court. It was Amy's 21st, Christie's 30th and Tootie's 60th celebration extravaganza. There was a good time had by all we enjoyed orange juice, champagne and a wide variety of breakfast and lunch foods. Paul had to take off around 130 to head to work. I headed home to run a few errands and get ready for the week.

We need a weekend to recover from our weekend!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Our kitty is part dog. He will play fetch with his mouse on a string and it is one of the cutest things ever. He does it over and over again. Sometimes it takes him a minute because he has to get the circle on the end of the string just right in his mouth.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Good News

1) Today Mair & Papa celebrated their 62nd wedding anniv. Congratulations! 2) Our good friend Jeri had back surgery on Thursday. Everything went well and she is home recuperating. Hope your recovery is swift and as little pain as possible. 3) The Askew's added a new little blessing to their family on Friday afternoon. Welcome to the world Aiden!