Thursday, July 31, 2008

happy early birthday to me

i have been looking around like a mad woman for a wii fit. and it seemed every where i went i was just a bit too late to get one. until.... i met blockbuster guy (who is way better than starbucks boy) and he told me that some were coming and to check back at 5pm. so i wait and go over at 445. i walk in and ask if he remembers me, he says yes. then proceeds to tell me that the shipment came in 10min after i left! my mouth drops and i am sure that he is going to tell me better luck next month. but then he walks back to an unopened box and brings one over. i was so excited. then i ask nicely do you have another? and will you sell me two? he says YES!!!

so to recap not only did blockbuster guy hold on to the box and not allow anyone else to buy them but he sold me two of them so that our friends Jeric could join in on the fun.

good times good times.

i <3 blockbuster guy

Cruise Rock You Style

Arm'ed in Mexico

Moe also had a great time in Mexico

Lifeboat drill

Relaxing in the room

Watching some movies

Hanging with the wildlife
Playing cards

Getting her drink on

Formal night photos

Saturday July 19th

The chefs created a delectable master piece on evening as a midnight snack. Here are just a few of the items they masterfully carved for us.

Friday July 18th part 2

Cabo -->Heading back to US of A

Goodbye MexicoWe had a blast
Catch ya on the flip

Monday, July 28, 2008

Friday July 18th

Cabo San Lucas
Ready to Ride!
We look like we are gunna rob a bank

We made it all the way to the Pacific Ocean
Enjoying some Waboritta's at Sammy's place

Thursday July 17th


Soon as we docked we loaded onto another boat and headed out to Deer Island. Once we made it to the island we were split into two groups since there were only enough kayaks for half the people on the trip. As the first group headed out on the water those of us left on the island had some good eats, played sand volleyball, went on a hike and relaxed in the water. Once the first group got back we threw on our jackets and we were...

Ready to go kayaking!
We're paddling to where?

Cool rock formations

View from the kayak

Look at that water

We made it back!

What do you use those for?

Goodbye crazy Americans

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wednesday July 16th

Puerto Vallarta Today we got off the boat and headed to Sea Life Park where we had the opportunity to swim with the dolphins, enjoy a free lunch and go on water slides and relax in the lazy river.

I really think the photos say it all~ We loved every minute of it!

Sarg. getting a foot push from the dolphins, kissing the dolphin and taking a ride.

The Captain getting kissed

Master C's dolphins are tickling her feet, giving her a kiss and she is blissed out while taking a ride

Our two dolphins doing some tricks for us.

After we were done at Sea Life Park we had a few hours to walk around town taking photos, partaking in a few drinks and buying souvenirs.

We each got two free drinks, now that deserves a thumbs up!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Monday July 14th & Tuesday July 15th

We had two days at sea traveling from Long Beach, CA to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. During which time we sun bathed, swam in the pools, flew down the slide, played in the casino, relaxed during spa appointments, enjoyed beautiful sunsets from our balcony, tasted different foods and took in many shows.

Formal Night

Sunday July 13th

Woke up early to take care of last minute details, and figure out where we were meeting Charlie. We met up for lunch. Paul and I grabbed some 5 guys burgers and everyone else had soup and sandwiches. Paul dropped the three of us off in Long Beach where we waited through an incredible line and jumpped through many hoops in order to board the boat. Once we made it to our room we decided that it was indeed worth it to have dragged all our bags with us because some people would be waiting till 8pm till they would see their bags again. We were very glad to have ours right there with us.

The first course of business when you board the vessel is to do a safety drill where you must report to your Muster station with your life vest so that the crew can make sure you know where to go in case of emergency and to show you how to properly wear your life jacket.

I am sure that if there was an emergency everyone would calmly walk down those 8 flights of stairs and stand in their Muster station waiting for directions. Here is what we looked like wearing our fashonable jackets the view from our room as we were leaving Long Beach

Sunday, July 13, 2008

bon voyage

Charlie, Morgan and I are taking off for a week of fun in the sun down in good ol Mexico. Paul will have to keep you entertained for the next 7 days. For those of you who call me know that as of right now my phone has stopped working. Verizon is sending me a new one but it will not get here till Wednesday and I probably wont get a chance to get it set up till Monday of the following week. You can still leave messages, or texts but if you call I wont be able to hear you.

When I come back there will be posts a plenty on Avengers and Sparks games, movie on the fox, update about my car and the uncool guy who hit me, Tom Pings adventures, and of course all about the cruise.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Our houseguest has arrived! Hopefully he'll enjoy his stay with us.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Vegas Baby

June 24th - June 27th

Mom and I braved the blistering heat and spent a few days in Las Vegas. We stayed inside for the most part enjoying the air conditioning.

On the evening of the 25th I took mom to see Momma Mia! We had great seats for half the price and we had a wonderful time taking in the show. Execpt of course for the group of ladies in the box next to us who had a few to many to drink and in the middle of the second half one of them decided to stand up and start dancing and singing along with the performers. Funny for a second but got old fast.

The following day we headed over to see The Price Is Right Live. Sadly we did not get to go up on stage but I did win the 1000 points that go on my players card (think $10) for comps.

We took our time getting up on the 27th made sure to cash out all of our points which got us a free buffet, t-shirt, two mugs, $140 in free slot play. Then headed to In-n-out to grab lunch and raced home to pick up the cats from the pet hotel.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Journal 7/2/08

I went to work in the morning, and since I got off during the worst traffic, I went to my parents house for a bit. I hung out with Brad until he had softball then I went home. Cyndi and I tried to book our vacation. There was a problem with one of the websites though, so the company is going to call us later. If all goes well, we'll be taking a cruise to Alaska leaving from Seattle on Cyndi's birthday. We've both wanted to go there for a long time, so it should be fun.

We're also hoping to make it up to Santa Cruz tomorrow night for 4th of July (it's my dad's birthday too). I haven't been there during family camp since the summer before I started at Biola. We went up there when we were first married and for our first anniversary, but not since.

Work has been more work the past couple of weeks. About half of my boys were caught smoking pot on several different occasions so we had to shut things down. They all lost their jobs and the many other extras they get in the ILP program. A lot of time has been spent with them stuck in their rooms while we are posted outside like prison guards.