Saturday, August 29, 2009

Vaca '09 Day 7

After getting a later start than anticipated we headed out to Vegas for a couple of days. After getting ourselves checked into the hotel we headed out to see what kind of a deal we could get on show tickets. We had a quick dinner at the Hilton, before heading over to see The Blue Man Group! Quick photo op with one of the blue men.
P&C had a great time at the show.

There was rumor that near by was a piano bar so we stopped by to see some dueling pianists before heading back to the hotel for sleeeepy time.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Vaca '09 Day 6

August 12, 2009
We woke up when we woke up this morning which was nice, no alarms set. Headed into town picked up some cookies for the family and coffee. Then back to camp to pack up the car... destination: Norwalk. On the way we stopped at The Apple Farm for a delicious dinner. Soon as we got home it was pretty much time to sleeeep. At least the way we planned it there was no traffic.

Vaca '09 Day 5

Today we celebrated "the ocho". We have been Mr. & Mrs. Hutchins for 8 years! Seems crazy how fast time has flown by.

To celebrate we SLEPT IN! Then piddled around town, drove over to Capitola and walked around just enjoying the day together. In the evening we were invited over to Don and Monica's for a home cooked meal. It was quite a spread with salad, chicken, steak, potatoes, corn...and of course dessert. Everyone had a great time hanging out and talking. We also watched the end of the Giants/Dodgers game (Dodgers won). It was late so we parted ways. We headed back across the camp to the cottage and spent the rest of the evening reading and playing cards.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vaca '09 Day 4: Frisco

August 10, 2009
The Mr. and Mrs. slept in a bit today. Once they arose it was time to pack up some clothes and the cameras for the days outing to San Fran. We found a cheap place to park for the day and then walked over to get day passes for the trolley/bus. We took the trolley down to Pier 39 so that we could peruse the shops and grab lunch. We then used our smarts to figure out which buses we would need to take to make it over to the Golden Gate Bridge. Once there we decided to walk across, it was quite windy and foggy!So quickly it became game time so we worked our way back to the city on the buses again and started walking towards the stadium. We paused at Mel's Diner for some good eats before heading into the Giants/Dodgers game. Our seats were straight back from home plate... as far back as you can get. The good news was that being in the back row we didn't worry about anyone throwing anything at us, because of course we were wearing our Biola loves the Dodgers shirts.

Dodgers won! A kind Giants fan asked, "You want me to take a photo for you, I wont mess it up or anything." Before heading back to SC we stopped by the twisty-turny street

Once we got back to the cottage it was sleeepy time!

Vaca '09 Day 3: Choo Choo

For Cyndi's birthday we headed over to Roaring Camp Railroad.

As we walked up there was a festival going on, lots of tents set up with people selling old items

Before heading out on our train ride we enjoyed saw band music and a quick lunch. Breath in the freshness
Goofing around on our short walk through the woods

Vaca '09 Day 2: We are family

August 8, 2009
Soon as we woke this morning it was a rush to get ready and head up to Martinez to meet up with some of Cyndi's family. Uncle Bill and Aunt Marie were having a huge BBQ with friends to celebrate their wedding anniversary. My cousin Becky and her boyfriend made an adorable cake for the celebration.

We also had the pleasure of meeting George

We snagged an opportunity to get a photo of all of us.

Vaca '09 Day 1: At the Boardwalk

We woke early, well early enough for a vacation day. Gathered our belongings and packed up the car. Off into the wonderful world of freeways we went, our mission to arrive in Santa Cruz at an hour in the early afternoon.

Our chariot arrived in the SC in a timely manner and we got settled into the cottage. For the rest of the evening we wandered the wharf and boardwalk walking hand and hand enjoying each others company.

Of course a late dinner was consumed at Carpo's and it was delicious. Then it was back to the cottage to read, do crosswords, and play games.

Sunday, August 09, 2009


P&C are on vacation in SC... we will be back sometime on the 16th with new posts and updates for you all to enjoy. Peace we out!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


After the movie was over we may, or may not have taught MickeyD what a Chinese Fire Drill was... 3 times. Lots-o-laughs on the way back to the Vine--Irvine that is

swimmin n bbqin

This is splashtastic! Really... you're going to take a photo while I'm in a swimmin suit?

Jumpin Jellyfish

Can I have smore please?

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Don't feed the tiger!

So hot, hot, hot! In Baker it read an all time low of 106 in July! We soon found out it was "mild" temperatures because of lightening storms rolling through
Our room, FREE breakfast!
Thanks for coming along Moe
Whoopi and Erin enjoying $1 drinks
Curly and her BF enjoying a drink together
E and I went bowling at Orleans
Charlene joined us! She won some bucks playin Monopoly
Delightful dinner out at a brewery across the street
E and I went to see Dana Carvey
Then it was off to Serendipity for desert

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Doyers Game

Hutchie, Leslie, Paul and I went to the ball game on July 15th.
It was 60s Fireworks night (aka Beatles night)

Sadly they got into trouble fast, and never recovered!

Then it was time for the fireworks

We had a great time, too bad the score wasn't in our favor.

July 4th

We drove up to Santa Cruz for the weekend of the 4th. It was like a mini family reunion up there to celebrate 4 big birthdays. There was lots of walks on the beach, great dinners out, cruising to boardwalk, strolling downtown, reading, and sleeping!

Stroll along the beach

Visiting the seals

Fancy dinner to celebrate birthdays

Illegal fireworks extravaganza

Sayin "see ya later" to Grandma and Santa Cruz

Happy Free Disney Day!

On the 8th of July to celebrate her "I'm not 30 yet birthday" TK and I met up with Autumn and spent the day laughing, watching the parade, laughing, hitting up a ride or two, laughing, watching the fireworks, laughing, eating some ice cream, and laughing!


I apologize to all our loyal readers for our recent abscence. I am hoping over the next few days to get you all fairly caught up on what we have been up too. Stay tuned...