Wednesday, August 30, 2006


This weekend we had a little problem with our bathroom. Before I left for SD our toilet decided to start over flowing which we figured there was a clog but we cleaned it up. I went to get my shower stuff and looked down...
AHHH! the tub was full of gross water.
On the ground water also started pooling.
We called the manager, no one there. Called Steve, no one there.
Paul finally got ahold of someone and they said they would be over tomorrow.
Tomorrow comes and the tub has drained itself, the toilet flushes normal.
At least we weren't the only ones we know of two other apartments who were having similar issues.

Here is what it looked like as I scrubbed the tub three times with three different products and bleached the tub.

Then the toilet got it followed by the floor. Finished product. My fantastically clean bathroom.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Look what I found in my mailbox today:

I've never had to do it before, so I'm actually kind of excited. Now I just have to see if my job will pay me during that time. Maybe they'll let me use sick time since I have 4 months of it saved up that I'll never use.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Horribly Good Weekend

So... MSN decided to crap out on me when I was almost done with this post which means you will get the shortened version of what I originally wrote.
Friday: Paul and I drove up to the A-L-H to load up some of Amz stuff to help her move into
she has an apartment about a 10min walk from campus. We got most of her things unpacked and put in the room they were supposed to be in so then it was off to lunch and pick up a few things she still needed. I had to take off at this point because I was scheduled to be in Rivertucky for a Girls Night.
I drove up and hit no traffic which was awesome. So I got there way earlier than expected. Moe and I hung for a bit before Charlie, Curly and Julie showed up. We talked for a bit before starting the movie of the night. Charlie confirmed my hunch that she is planning to move to Florida =*( She leaves this coming Saturday! It was now time for
I left in the middle of the movie because my eye was hurting and not having a contact in was giving me a headache. Off to sleepy land for me.
Saturday: We slept in. Then I headed down to SD again. I was planning on going next weekend but with Charlie leaving so SUDDENLY I decided to help her get everything packed up and put in the moving van which will be taking place on Saturday. So that is why I headed back down to SD. I hit traffic on my way. I picked up my mom and then Amz and we went out to dinner at:
and then it was off to the movies! We had a few we were choosing between but we let the quarter decide and it landed on...
Yes, thats right we saw Material Girls. It was auctually not bad. It was a cute girl movie. We had a good time and enjoyed ourselves. Afterwards we dropped Amz back at her apt.
Sunday: I picked up Amz and we went to VGC for church. Saw lots of people I haven't seen in awhile. I always love to go back and visit. Then Amz and I went back to my moms, I finished up my laundry and she rediscovered the internet as she doesn't have access until sometime Tuesday. After a few chores the three of us headed out for lunch and some shopping. And not girl shopping ya'll know I don't do that! I will share my purchase a little bit later. We then dropped Amz off and headed back home. I made a short trip while my last load of laundry was drying over to Marc & Tiff's place to give them a baby gift since we were unable to make it to the shower. Tiff and I talked for a bit, then it was back to my mom's to pack up and hit the road once again.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Songs you need to know -- Instant Classic Edition!

The future of music is here:

And the Oscar goes to....

Wow. I have seen cinematic perfection, and its name is Snakes on a Plane. This movie, er, film goes beyond the saying "so bad it's good". This was so horrid it became awesome. The beauty of it was that the entire cast knew it was a bad idea and intentionally upped the levels of cheese. No stereotype or cliche was left out. Even the snakes themselves take you through a wide variety of emotions from tragic snake bite deaths, to comic snake bite deaths, to completely unnecessary snake bite deaths just to show new ways to be attacked by snakes. I can't wait to see it again!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Who's coming with us?

At the El Capitan Theatre on October 19th, 7:00pm
After the movie there is supposed to be a
Filmmaker Panel and Discussion!
For you brainiacs that means that Tim Burton should be there.

Monday, August 21, 2006

For the love of bald people!

Seriously? All 5? Next time why don't we try not to give up 49 freakin' runs in 4 days. Even the Devil Rays or the Royals could have done better.

d na na na na na

they say its your birthday
Yum milk before bed, here's me using my gift from TK.
We celebrated me and Hutchie's birthdays tonight. Everyone went over to Jean's house and had some great BBQ. We opened presents and then had brownies in the shape of a pizza slice, with marshmellow creme and topped with kissables and chocolate. Soooo good! I got some $ as Paul and i are hoping to visit Arizona in September and GC's to Borders and Bed, Bath and Beyond. I also got some clothes that are good for work. The family had fun catching up as always.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


we thought our froggie was a gonner. but i saw him yesterday! yea.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dog days of summer

Last night there was an 8 hour Dog the Bounty Hunter marathon to help keep me awake. I really wish I had cable so I could watch it more often. It was on every night while we were in Colorado so Cyndi got hooked too. They've been showing the episodes leading up to his wedding. Dog missed his own wedding rehearsal because he had a chance to try and catch someone who happened to live on the same island they were getting married on.

My brother and I used to watch another show about bounty hunters on cable when we were younger. I remember thinking that seemed like the coolest job ever at the time. Maybe I should look into it as a career change. I may need to put together a more menacing look first.

Back on track

My plan to quit my job to be a professional poker player seems to be back on track. I lost a few tournaments so I hadn't played for a while. I've had to work a bunch of overnight shifts this week so that was the perfect opportunity to get back into it. My first game back I won the whole thing. That one dollar quickly became more than enough to pay for the frappuccinos to keep me awake this week. My account is at an all time high.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Songs you need to know #4

My uncle loves these guys. Their "Rock Spectacle" album won me over and is by far better than anything they've had played on the radio.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Dinner with Dad

My dad was taking a trip to St. Louis for his Navy reunion and decided to take a side trip to CA. We met up for an early dinner at Lucielle's BBQ for my birthday. Paul, my dad and I had a nice time catching up, even though we only had a couple hours together.

Job...a gift from me to you. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Her face is a map of the world
Is a map of the world
You can see she's a beautiful girl
She's a beautiful girl
And everything around her is a silver pool of light
The people who surround her feel the benefit of it
It makes you calm
She holds you captivated in her palm
- KT Tunstall

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Coming Home - Drama

We left the hotel at 4am so that we could get gas, drive to the airport, and get through security. Lucky for us DIA was not extremely crowded. There were lots of lines of people thankfully we did not have to stand in a long line to print out our e-tickets. Yea for e-tickets. Cyndi was exhausted so she layed down at the airport next to another couple who passed out and went to sleep. Paul walked around and read his book. We boarded the plan at about 7:10am. It was an hour and 20 min. flight into Salt Lake. Cyndi slept the entire time, interrupted sleep but still sleep.
We arrived around 9am. Found our new terminal and gate. Cyndi got a BBQ chicken pizza and a soda, ate and drank then went to the gate and slept in the chairs. Paul tried to sleep but could not get comfy so he went back over to the pizza place got a refill on the drink and sat down to read his book.
Finally it was 11am we got ready to board the plane. Everyone got seated, then we sat for awhile. The captain came on saying there was a hydraulic leak in the engine. Cyndi didn't know what that meant but it didn't sound good. They said they were going to fix it so, we sat some more. After another 20 min. or so they said the plane was broke and would not be fixed anytime soon. So everyone got all their stuff and back off the plane we went. They sent us to a different terminal and gate, sat there for about 15 minutes and waited for another plane to show up. Then we repeated the boarding process. Everyone got back on the plane and we sat for another 10 min. or so. Finally they said we were ready to taxi out to the runway. We landed around 2:3pm. Charlie was so nice to come and pick us up. She dropped us off and headed down to a concert in Del Mar.
We are just glad that they figured out there was a leak before the plane took off seeing as they couldn't fix it very quickly and apparently the plane doesn't fly if there is a hydraulic leak. Paul and Cyndi are glad to finally have the day of travel behind them.

Friday, August 11, 2006

not every girl...

Would go to two sports stadiums on her anniversary. Good thing Cyndi is not every girl.
Paul and Cyndi started the day by going on the Broncos stadium tour and Denver Hall of Fame.
We saw the field, the suites
We went through the locker rooms, and were allowed to go down to the field.
When the tour was over we tried to see about going in the U.S. Mint but they were not having anymore tours today. So we walked through the gift shop and looked at some of the coins.
After that it was back over to the 16th street mall to meet up with TK for dinner at Johnny Rockets before the Rockies baseball game.
Play Ball! Bubba and Cee
BFF T&C all the way Rockies win 10-2
TK and Cyn with Dinger the mascot

Happy Anniversary to Us

Today Paul and Cyndi celebrated 5 great years together.
To start off the day they exchanged gifts. We both incorporated wood into our gifts as it is the traditional wedding present for a 5th anniversary.
Cyndi got Paul a Boston Ipod cover.
Cyndi also made a book (a type of wood)
It is full of things to do together to have fun with over the next 5 years.
Paul bought a beautiful frame and put a photo from our 1st month of dating and our wedding

When Cyndi opened up the frame SUPRISE! There was a necklace with three gorgeous diamonds, they are the same cut as her wedding ring. What a way to start the day!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

up north

On Thursday, we went up north of the city for a couple of reasons. The first was that Cyndi had a job interview for a teaching position with a school district in Windsor, CO. After that, we drove a few miles east to spend the day with Paul's aunt Judy, uncle Bruce, and cousins Kenny and Sally (Stacey was visiting a friend in Seattle). Paul hadn't seen Sally since she was 2 years old, and no one in his family had met Kenny. The picture below is proof that he really exists. We were there for lunch and dinner, and had a good time catching up and getting a tour of Eaton, CO and the schools that Judy teaches at.

After a great home cooked meal (a nice change from eating out all week) and pictures, we headed out loaded up on Mountain Dew. When we got to the freeway, we noticed that Wyoming was only 40 miles away. That was closer than our hotel, so we figured if worse came to worse we could always just stay in Cheyenne for the night. Just going up there would knock another state off of our list. So we headed up, refueled on caffeine in Cheyenne, WY and headed back. On the way back we had a bit of an adventure as Paul had a choice of running into the side of a semi or hitting a mattress in the road at 75mph. We hit the mattress hard, but were amazed to find that it didn't even scratch the rental car. We felt very lucky because we would have had to pay for any damages.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Aquarium and Mini Golf

For Cyndi's birthday we went to the Denver Aquarium. We ate a very expensive lunch there and then looked around.
As you can see they had more than just fish.

Paul and Cyndi then headed up to TK's house to hang out for awhile. For dinner we went to a fast food Italian restaurant. It was yummy and they had breadsticks like Pat & Oscars. Once it was getting dark we went over to the mini golf center. We played two rounds of mini golf,
raced go-carts and played video games. TK and Cyndi challenged each other at air hockey, and Paul and Cyndi faced off at basketball. We rounded up some tickets to get something for TK's nephew and niece.
Cyndi had so much fun with TK, she wished we could have stayed longer.

Happy Birthday Cyndi

Paul got Cyndi
which now makes her set complete, until they have Season 6 for sale

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

making the most of it

After breakfast we decided to go over to Golden, CO.
I know what you are thinking...
What is in Golden?
The Coors Brewery!
You get to park for free, take a free tour
and get 3 free beers of your choice after the tour.
Next on the list was Buffalo Bills museum and grave
On our way back down we had the pleasure of seeing not one but two deer at different times.
After all of the excitement we were hungry. We decided to go find Heritage Square. This is an area that has some old fashioned theme park rides such as the tilt-o-whirl. They also have lots of little shops, mini golf, alpine slide and some restaurants. We had some burgers and fries and looked around for a bit.
Before we knew it the time had come to head over to Red Rocks.
Disclaimer: Photos do not do this place justice.
We saw two bands, one really bad comedian, a cartoon and King Kong all for one low price.
We left an hour and 30 min. into King Kong because we were tired. And because it took that long for King Kong to show up! We went mostly for the experience. And it was incredible. The views were great and the sunset was gorgeous.