Saturday, October 22, 2005

Twas The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tonight Paul, Ang and I met up with a bunch o people to go see Nightmare at that El Capitan in Hollywood. We also got to see two short animation movies by Burton (i think, pauls the expert on this stuff) We had a great time. The El Capitan had a room downstairs set up with all kinds of stuff from the movie and the new Xbox video game. It was awesome. After the movie we went next door to the Disney Soda Shop and had dessert. I sadly forgot to bring the camera so I have no photos. =( Then a few of us walked over to the Chinese theatre and looked at all the hand and foot prints celebrities have made over the years. It was a good night and we had lotsofun.

Friday, October 21, 2005

The Story of Us

Well usually at this time of the year Paul and I are packing up our camping equipment and heading up to Idyllwild. We did not get up there for our anniversary this year though with me working a long term sub position and Paul having people leave left and right we just couldnt figure out how to make it work. Paul has been working 7day weeks and is exhausted.

For those of you who dont know let me start at the beginning... Paul and I were introduced originally through Moe. Moe and I had gone to Disneyland and Paul happened to be working. So we rode around on the back of the tram a few times while they talked. I said some scarastic comment about sitting well back into your seat and he shot one back at me. (ahh love)

Well we started hanging out about two months after that. It was early October and the show Rosewell was on for the first time, Angela and I were hanging out. I was on bubbs and bored and I noticed that Paul was online so I started a chat with him. I told Angela I felt like playing basketball and for anyone who knows Angela she couldn't play a sport to save her life so she suggested I ask Paul if he wanted to come down and play. He for some unknown reason said yes. So I got my basketball and Angela and I headed over to the court, Paul met us there. About 5 minutes after Paul got there Angela got a call from an ex-boyfriend and decided to talk to him so we were left alone, we shot hoops for a couple hours. Then Paul drove Angela and I over to Dennys where we met up with a group from Biola and Moe tried to introduce me to Paul again I mentioned that he was the one that dropped Ang and I off. Paul had to leave after a few min. because he had Spanish early the next morning (like he ever went to Spanish class). Well that was Oct. 7th.

The next Monday Paul and I decided to go to a church service where we were packed in like sardines and after about 15min. Paul fell asleep. I kept nudgging him the whole time. I found out afterwards that if he was in an uncomfortable position or it was to hot that he falls asleep. That night we talked about going to see a movie. For some reason we both wanted to see The Story of Us so on the next Friday Paul picked me up from work (Chuck E. Cheese) and we went to AMC in Fullerton. Pauls roomie Daryl and some of their other friends met us there. By the end of the movie we were holding hands. We will forever "discuss" who held whose hand. When we stood up we stopped holding hands, Daryl looked at us funny like Paul had forgot to tell him we were dating or something but we didn't even know what was going on at that time. We didnt talk about holding hands the whole way back to Biola.

The next week was supposed to be Torrey which means about half of Biola uses the time off from regular classes to take a mini vacation. Moe, Nick, Paul and I decided to go camping next door to the camp where Paul worked at for a couple summers. Paul and I started decided to talk a walk, he wanted to show me Camp Maranatha and walk around town. We went back into some small shops where there was a wooden porch swing and sat down. Paul tried his best to ask me out, but it came out something like this... we should stop doing what we are doing (holding hands) if we arent gunna be together... you know. I agreed with what he said and so we offically started dating October 21, 1999.

A year later at the very spot where we started our relationship Paul asked me to marry him. (he must have practiced because that speech was well planned.)

Something feels off this October since we havent been up to Idyllwild. We are hoping in the next few weeks when Paul gets some new staff in he can get a little time off so we can go up.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Look what I have created

Tonight was Back to School night. This classroom was bare when I entered it less than two weeks ago. I quickly had to figure out how to set up the class and get prepared to begin teaching 2nd grade at the same time. I am enjoying my long term sub job, although I am exhausted from it. I sort of felt as if I was thrown into the lions den without anything to protect myself with. I now will have very mixed feelings about when I will have to leave the class. I have already become attached to the students. I want to help them all and I dont feel as if I have enough time before I will be shuffled off to the next class to do anything of any significance in their lives. Anyhoo... Back to school night went okay for the most part. About half of the parents showed up and I had an opportunity to talk with each of them individually about what is happening with the class as well as what we are doing currently. I had grades out for them to see, our science project (making grass grow), our social studies project (kites, we are studying Ben Franklin) and a bunch of A+ papers. I am so sleepy now though so it is off to bed.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Adrienne Taylor Collins

Born: October 7th 2005 at 6 pounds 3 oz.

Congratulations Erin and Jon! For those of you who dont know Erin is a dear friend of mine from San Diego. We have known each other since we were a year old. Now 24 years later I am glad that I still get to visit her as often as I can. I was able to meet little Adrienne on the 15th of October. My mom and I had a garage sale and Erin and Jon stopped by so I could meet their newest addition. It was good to catch up for a short while. I am so excited for their family. Congrats again!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Monday, October 17, 2005

Family Affair

The reason for our trip on the weekend of October 1st was to go up for my Uncle Barry's retirement party. It was a suprise party and boy was he suprised especially when he saw my mom and I standing there. We haven't seen my Uncle Barry and Aunt Carol since my B.A. graduation from Biola. It was a great time. I got to meet two cousins that I had never met before, Joy and Ryan. I didn't talk to Ryan to much but Joy and I had a good time talking and getting to know each other. I also met Joys husband and some of their friends and neighbors. I felt right at home there. It felt like Joy and I had known each other for quite awhile. Hopefully we can all get together again soon.

L.A. County Fair

On Sunday the 2nd of October my mom and I finished off the weekend by attending the last day of the L.A. county fair. We walked around all of the booths and ate good food. We also walked through the garden section to get ideas for mom's yard and because there was a Hawaiian themed area and I am really digging Hawaiian flowers right now since we recently visited Hawaii. Good time was had by all.

Regan Library

The weekend of October 1st my mom and I took a trip up to Simi Valley. We drove up to Chatsworth and stayed at a hotel there on Friday night. Saturday morning we got up and went to brunch and then headed over to the Regan Library. We had a nice time. I was facinated by everything there. They had a movie about many important parts of his life. The artifacts were unbelievable. I am looking forward to going back once they finish the Air Force One Wing later this month.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Well things have been down right hectic around here. Paul has been working massive amounts of hours. I have been working like crazy trying to get a brand new class set up. So I have finally found an hour or so I can just breathe and relax. I am already becoming attached to my students so it will be difficult if they hire someone from the district and I am moved to another sub job in a few weeks. But that is another post for another time. For now I will try to catch up on the last few weeks.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Quick Update

Wow, we've been really bad at blogging lately. I'm sure Cyndi will post more later if she can, but she is currently working a long term (possibly permanent) sub job for a second grade class that they had her start up when all the other classes were overcrowded.

I've been overwhelmed at work lately. Two of my day staff quit and the other three have all had extended illnesses. Two of those three also had deaths in the family and left on bereavement. My overnight staff has also kept getting doctors notes for "illnesses" but that's another rant. It takes quite a while to find decent people and get them cleared to work in this field so it may not get any better until after the holidays. The kids have been acting up a lot lately too, but thats expected whenever the staff starts acting chaotic. Is it too much of me to ask that my employees actually come to work?