Tuesday, May 27, 2008

C - Update

Health- I was sick all weekend. So much for all my plans for getting work done, hanging with friends and cleaning the apartment. Instead I was only conscious for about 6-8 hours each day. The rest of my day was spent sleeping or semi-conscious watching TV on the couch. I almost made it an entire school year without getting sick.

Work- PRAY!! I have been given notice (just like last year) that my contract will end. The difference is they did not tell me I would be re-hired for next year. There is a new woman in charge this year and she is doing things in a very slow fashion. The lady I dealt with in the past wanted to make sure all loose ends were taken care of before school was out. The new woman doesn't seem concerned with this. I talked with the principal and she said she would love to keep me around if they are going to have my position next year. She is supposed to talk to the new woman this week to find out for me when they will make the decisions on who to re-hire for next year. The principal is also going to try to push if I do get to come back to have me be on a probationary contract instead of a temporary contract which would put me on track to get tenure. So... I need to have a signed contract ASAP.

Life- I finally did get my car back this past week. Hooray! Now we wait to get reimbursed for all the $ I had to shell out for the rental and such. I am currently down 30 pounds on the year. Summer vacation starts soon... My mom is going to have knee surgery in June. Charlie, Morgan and I have set up to go on a mini vacation in July. Paul and I are trying to figure out what to do with our vacation in August. My 10 year HS reunion is coming up in November, which means TK will be out for a visit! And hopefully I can get a trip to Vegas squeezed in somewhere so that I can see Melissa again, 8 yrs is such a long time!

So that is what is up currently and in the foreseeable future...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Walking for Keith

On April 26th Morgan, Amy, Mom and I took to the streets of San Diego in our 2nd annual MS Walk. This year we were called Team CanDo! With the support of many friends and family we were able to raise $1, 150! It was a beautiful day down in Pt. Loma and we had a great time showing our support of those suffering with MS.

Angela putting up the names on the Wall of Hope. The start line and photos during the walk.
Me, Mom and Amy coming down the home stretch

Sunday, May 25, 2008

For everyone we’ve lost,for all who remain

My family, friends&loved ones of friends my prayers are with you.

(thanks for sharing this TK)

Last night in Borders bookstore....

Tiny Transvestite #1: "This is buggin' me! I'm trying to look stuff up [in the computer] but I can't even spell 'dummy' right now!"

Large Transvestite #2: "D-U-M-M-E-Y"

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weenie Roast 2008!

Once again this year, I got to go to the KROQ Weenie Roast y Fiesta. The tickets went on sale on Wednesday, with the show being on Saturday. I decided if I was able to get actual seats I'd do something with the tickets. If I could only get general admission on the lawn then I wouldn't buy the tickets. Well, I ended up getting some Loge seats about halfway to the stage. Through a lot of hassle and some wheeling and dealing, I managed to sell those tickets and end up with a 12th row seat plus enough money to pay for that ticket, the 2 original tickets I bought, food, and some extra money to add to our bank account. Score! So anywho, here's a recap of the bands. I linked to performaces from the show for most of the bands. A couple of them weren't posted so I used other live performances.

*update*: CBS (which owns KROQ) has apparently been busy removing all the live performances from youtube the past few days. Good job taking down free publicity for your bands and events. Let me know how that works out for you. I'll still post links to videos in case there's someone you haven't heard.

1. Ludo
The side stage opened up with Ludo. They were fun to watch. A little goofy. They shouldn't quit their day jobs, because I don't see them doing much beyond one or two minor hits, but I enjoyed my time watching them. The ended with a spot on cover of Faith No More's "Epic" which was great. The singer matched the voice perfectly.

2. The Flobots
While everyone was watching Ludo, I moved to the stage next to them to be up close for the Flobots. I'd heard a few songs besides "Handlebars" and love their style. I don't agree with all of their politics, but they mix rock, rap, reggae, funk together well. Plus, how many bands have a lead viola? Hopefully people will accept them for more than just "Handlebars".

Kevin and Bean always bring up how awful Frente was at Weenie Roast 2 back in the day. I was there for that performance. MGMT couldn't even open for Frente based on what I saw. I'm not sure which was the highlight of this half hour: The singer trying to walk across the stage high-fiving people and falling over from being drunk/high or the woman who passed out from the heat in front of her 10 year old and lost control of her bowels as security tried to carry her to the EMT tent. Bad times.

4. The Bravery
During that time I stayed where I was for the Flobots so I had a front row spot for The Bravery. They changed my mind about them when they played on the main stage last year, so it was nice to get to see them again, up close this time. Another solid performance.

5. Atreyu
There was a half hour break before Atreyu went on. This is when I got some lunch. Sadly, I just couldn't seem to make it back for Ateyu's set. Instead, I sat in the shade and got to meet the head Flobot and the singer for Seether who were both hanging out unnoticed in a shady part of the festival area.

6. Flogging Molly
I'd been wanting to see Flogging Molly for a few years. I probably would have enjoyed it a lot more if it wasn't 100+ degrees at that point. They really got things going with a high energy set.

7. Seether
Not much to say here. They were better than I expected, but nothing to get excited over.

8. Scars on Broadway
This was my second break. The sun was way too hot. I would have stayed if they were playing as their regular band System of a Down instead of this weaker side project.

9. Pennywise
Pennywise is a band I've listened to off and on since high school, but have never seen live. They seemed really excited to be there and took requests from the crowd. They even mixed in a cover of the Ramones "Blitzkrieg Bop". Good fun.

10. Bad Religion
Bad Religion played last year, and was better that time. They ran through their catalog of hits, but didn't seem to have the energy or urgency they brought to the songs last time around. It was a good time for a sing-a-long, but those in the pits seem disappointed.

11. Rise Against
Rise Against was the third returning band, but unlike Bad Religion, they seemed more comfortable this time around. The highlight of their set was probably the acoustic version of "Swing Life Away".

12. The Raconteurs
When Jack White is taking charge, the Raconteurs are good. When he steps back and lets the rest of the band take over, they're average. We got both sides of it in this set. They have the potential to be bigger and better than the White Stripes were/are.

13. The Offspring
No, Jeri, the Offspring didn't repeat the horror from when they played before the Cure. However, while they were playing, several large fires broke out on the lawn with flames shooting up about 10 feet at one point. They have so many hits at this point, there were several I really missed. They did play a few new songs which fit nicely.

14. Metallica
Most of the crowd seemed to be there solely because of Metallica. They got their money's worth. They played the hour and 20 minutes they were scheduled for, then came out for a one song encore. When that didn't satisfy the crowd, they came back again for seven more songs. I was exhausted by the end of it. They didn't play any of their new songs, but also wisely stayed away from the St. Anger CD. I don't know how they rock so hard for so long night after night. I'm glad I finally got to see them, and may have to go back when they tour in the fall.