Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I had a filling done the week my mom was in the hospital. Today, it came out! So not a pleasant feeling. Lucky for me I dont HAVE to go to work tomorrow so I made a new dentist appointment for 11am. This was originally a tooth that had broken and he repaired. Now I have an even bigger hole in my mouth than when I started this whole ordeal. Hopefully tomorrow will be the end of this. For now I am off to take some Advil so I can sleep.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


I miss this girl!

Just stay strong

This is the last week of school. So on Tuesday we had a mini party with some cake and a movie.
Along with a dance for the 8th graders.

Graduation was on Wednesday. It was nicely put together with a couple class speakers along with the pricipal and superintendent. And was finished off by the ASB president singing Avril's new song. This was a special graduation for me. The current 8th graders are also the 6th graders I did my student teaching with. It was really fun to see them all again over the past few months and see how much they have grown.

In addition to my old 6th graders I had my current students all but 3 who were able to pull up their GPA's and made it to graduation. I am proud of those who tried so hard to turn around the end of their 8th grade year.

To cap off the last week of school today all of the 8th graders who graduated had the pleasure of going to Knott's for the day. We headed out at 9am and got back around 6pm. I was able to ride every roller coaster while there.

It was fun to see my students out side of school and just hang out, also to just have conversation with my peers and the VP's and Principal. The principal even inquired about how my mom was doing which was kind of her to remember. What a nice way to end the year.

Next up on my agenda... Training next week ( I think)
Jury Duty the first week in July
Girls weekend in Vegas the second week in July
Wow does time fly by!

Monday, June 18, 2007


My mom saw her doctor on Friday and he said her heart rate was still to high so he upped the dosage of the medication that is supposed to it slow down. It was still in the 100's and the doctor wants it down to 90 at least. She is still supposed to have her leg surgery in July. Hopefully it will really help her so she can move without so much pain. Wednesday she gets her blood re-checked. Other than that their is nothing I know. Thank you all for your support and continued prayers.

Friday, June 15, 2007

More proof that everything works out for good in the end...

Jeff Weaver

Jeff Weaver, #36-SP

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Home Again

My mom was able to come home. She is on multiple meds and her heart is still screwy. But it isn't as high as previously. She will meet with a cardiologist in 2 weeks. I will be heading down to SD tomorrow afternoon (hopefully) to spend the weekend with her.

A big thank you to Lynn who picked her up and took her home and then went out and got some groceries for her, you are awesome.

So while things aren't back to normal things look to be a bit better than they were. We appreciate all the well wishes, notes of support and the anytime you need me call me's. :*

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This post could be long winded

First of all let me say thank you to my dear friends who have said call my anytime, text or e-mail if you need anything.
I appreciate you so very much.

Secondly I will explain for everyone what happened and what is going on.
Monday my mom started having breathing troubles. She went to see her doctor and the doctor was concerned with how fast her heart was beating so he had her put in the back of an ambulance and transported to the ER hospital. Once there she was admitted to the ER and given medication to help slow down her heart rate. It slowed some but not back to a normal range so she was admitted to the hospital. They had her hooked up to the medicine for most of the day on Monday to help slow her heart rate down, she was also hooked up to oxygen and a blood pressure monitor because the medication could have dropped it as a side effect. I sat with her until they kicked me out a half hour after visiting hours were over. Then I went back to the house to feed the kitties and give them some love.

I originally was supposed to go to the dentist down in SD at 5pm on Tuesday but since I was already there I called as soon as I woke up and got it switched to 1145am. As soon as I was done at the dentist it was time to gas up the car and head back to the hospital. My mom finished the medication to bring her heart rate down, it never returned back to normal but it was lower than when she was admitted. Oh, she was also put on a bloodthinner both injections and pills to try and prevent any possible blood clots. For most of the day she was hooked up to an ECG machine to keep track of her heart rate patterns. As long as it doesn't spike back up she should be released around 11am today. I hung around and talked for awhile we watched Dr. Phil and Oprah together and every hour or so people were coming in and out checking different things.

This picture was taken at the end of the day on Tuesday.
She was feeling a bit better as you can see.
I would also like to say thanks to those of you who have kept her in your prayers.

So true...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Who's there?

It's the one the only... Meeko!

She loves hidding in weird places.

R.I.P. Don "Mr. Wizard" Herbert

I used to love this show when I was a kid. Too bad I wasn't allowed to try most of his experiments at home.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Since Paul already made this news public...

I had my offical evaluation for the last to months completed last week. My principal likes me and has hear only good things from other teachers about me so she decided to recomened me to be re-hired. Yaay! (picture the preview for KnockedUp where the guy is on the phone and says "I'm on board. Yaay." that is the kind of Yaay I am saying)

So last Thursday I was asked to meet with the principal and the woman who deals with all the hiring and firing, mind you I didn't know I had been recomended to come back at this point, it was just a note in my box that said "Can you meet at 2:15 with ________ and I?" So I did. They said I was doing a swell job and would I be interested in coming back next year. As I have no other job, and would have to go back to subbing and a much lower rate I of course said yes.

Nothing is in writing yet and I will not feel at peace about our bills situtation until it is. Tuesday is when the board will end my current contract and then a couple days after that a new one will be prepared. I have a bunch of questions I need to ask about though. Now it is down to praying that everything will go smoothly and move quickly and that they say, "Yes, of course your medical benifits will carry through the summer."
That is all for now.

Our weekend adventures this week haven't been as fun as in past weeks. I spent all day Friday, and Cyndi joined me on Saturday, driving around house/apartment hunting. Cyndi is now set with her teaching contract, so we're hoping to be able to spread out a bit more. Our goal is to find a place soon so we can pack and move before summer ends and Cyndi is teaching again. Our vacation is at the beginning of August, so ideally we can move sometime in July.

I forgot how much I hate the process of finding a place. I tend to compare everything to where we currently live. Nothing has felt like "home" yet. My head tells me that won't happen until we move our stuff in and make it a home, but it's still hard. We're used to this place and this area, so any change is going to be a bit scary and foreign for a while.

Because of this, I tend to focus on the negatives at each place we look at. There will be negatives and positives no matter where we go. I just hope I can take a step back, look at all our reasons for wanting this change, and see that it is a good thing.

I think we'd both like to find a house rather than an apartment, but those are harder to come by. It seems like all those people who rushed to buy houses they really couldn't afford are now coming back to renting which makes finding a good place tough.

We broke up the search a bit by having dinner with the family tonight, and seeing a late showing of Oceans 13 on Friday. Last year we missed most of the summer movies, so we've made a point to go see as many as we can on Friday nights. So far so good....Spiderman 3, Shrek 3, Pirates 3, Knocked Up, and Oceans 13. Good times.

Monday, June 04, 2007

I didn't notice this until Brad pointed it out...

Ben's dad Roger Linus on "Lost"...

 also Uncle Rico!

Saturday, June 02, 2007


On Saturday, we went to help out at a fundraiser for my parents church. It was the 53rd and final Bazzar festival. It's only been at this church for about 10 years since another congregation merged with ours and brought the festival with them. It's the biggest fundraiser they have, but it takes a ton of work and the congregation is getting old and unable to manage all the physical labor involved.

I got there at 9am and was put to work chopping steak, chicken, and onions for the carne asada taco booth that I do with Bradley and Ruel. Ruel made a cool table grill with a wok welded into it to help the meat cook faster. We kept busy all day and were glad it wasn't nearly as hot as it was last year. Cyndi came a little later after attending a job fair, and once again helped my mom and Amy with the baked goods booth. Both booths ended up doubling what we made last year, and it looks like the church will make about $10,000 above last year's total. It was hard work and long hours. Bradley ended up being there from 5am to 7:30pm when we finished cleanup.

In the second set of pictures above, you can see Amy chatting, my grandpa doing portraits, and me and Bradley grilling. Good times.