Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Day Keeps Getting Better

Well in the short term at least. After my bout with the financial aid department I came home to blog and saw Amy online. I asked what she was up to for the evening and since neither of us had plans we decided after dinner to go to the movies and see Bewitched. This was a big improvement for Will compared to Kicking and Screaming. The movie was written better and while there were still moments I felt like he was reaching for his SNL life it was a cute movie. Amy and I had a good time and enjoyed the movie. Depending on your financial situtation I dont know if it is one you would want to shell out 8-10 bucks for but it is worth seeing.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Something to Brighten My Day

I stole this from Jeri. Thought it was funny. Try it for yourself by clicking on the link at the bottom. Post a comment and let us know what your scores are if you arent going to post it on your own blog.

Your Linguistic Profile:

60% General American English

20% Dixie

10% Yankee

5% Midwestern

5% Upper Midwestern

Financial Aid BITES

This is a rant so be warned.

I am so angry at Biola's Financial Aid Department.
I recieved a letter saying that I had been given a little over $4000 for last semesters classes then I recieve a letter saying that I owe Biola over $5000 for last semesters classes. I go in today to see what is going on and I find out that apparently by one unit I do not meet the half time status required to get any financial aid so without explaining any of this to me that just adjust my bill and say I now owe them. I try to tell the guy that I am taking two classes right now so I will have taken ten units before the next semester starts which is well over part time. So he tells me that Biola doesn't count summer classes as part of a semester and therefore you cannot get aid for it. I am very frustrated at this point. I explain to him that Biola did not offer these classes for the last two years and I have asked numerous times when they would be offered. He says well there is nothing I can do but you can apply for a Citiassist loan, of course they will have higher interest rates but that is my only option at this point. Why does all of this matter you may ask, well Paul and I were planning on going on vacation this summer with my mom to either Hawaii or New York now we cannot go to either because we have to figure out how to scrounge together $5ooo to pay Biola back while they are charging us $126.00 in interest a month. I feel terrible because Paul didnt get a vacation last year and really needs and deserves to go somewhere and have a little fun. We would have also been celebrating my turning 25 and recieving my masters degree. In addition to all of this I cannot get my transcripts or degree out of hawk until the bill balance is zero and I cannot apply for my CLEAR credential until I have my transcripts and since I would have been applying for my CLEAR credentail and my CLAD (a state requirement to teach English Language Learners which is a must) at the same time it means I am not hirable at this point which makes getting a job near impossible. Oy. In about 20 min. this man killed my entire summer. =(

If you click on the title of this post you can read Biola's Financial Aid Philosophy... which they don't hold to apparently.

Bradley's B-day

Friday night after the boys got back from golfing we went out to eat and karoke for Bradley's 26th birthday. The food was good, I had BBQ chicken pizza and the sauce was a little spicy for my taste but it was still good. The karoke place was cool, you got your own room complete with disco ball. The mikes were passed around all night. I think there were only one or two people who refused to sing at all. Bradley of course did a wonderful rendition of STAN. Paul and I sang Phantom of the Opera. There were even a few N*SYNC and Back Street Boys songs. Good Times.

Feed the Ducks

On Friday the 24th while Paul was golfing (he can post about that later) I met up with Moe and her two sisters and we had lunch at Ruby's in Tustin and then went over to Irvine Regional Park. Abby and Drew had a great time feeding the ducks, seeing peacocks and horses. It was a relaxing afternoon. We will have to do it again sometime.

Saturday, June 25, 2005


Some friends came out for a visit from Colorado this week. Arlynda and her two kids, Trisha and the folks. I have known them since 6th grade. On Thursday I met up with them at Disneyland. We had a good time while the kids went on rides TK and I got to hang and talk. I had to go to class at 4pm but when it was over I went back and met up with the family again and we watched fireworks and fought through the crowds in the Disney store to try and find some t-shirts and scrapbooks. Afterward Trisha came over and we hung out, watched a movie, talked and looked through my scrapbooks. It was a very late night but I had a lot of fun and I am glad I got to see her for as long as I did.


On Tuesday I went to my sixth graders graduation. It was a mix of being excited and sad. I student taught for them in September and October. However after I finished my other required student teaching placement I went back to see my sixth graders as often as I could. It is a K-6 school so it was a big deal for a lot of them. I am so proud of them being there to see them graduate brought be close to tears. I am sad that I will not be able to come visit them any more. I knew this day would be coming I just didnt know it would sneak up on me so fast.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Breakfast Club

Who are you from the Breakfast Club?

Which Breakfast Clubber Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

Totally 80's

Which 80's Actor are you?

Who's Your 80s Movie Icon Alter-Ego? Find out @ She's Crafty

Party!!!....sort of.

Instead of having each group home throw a Christmas party as usual, Optimist decided to have the homes throw parties scattered throughout the year for all the club memebers and donors. I tried telling them that this was a bad idea. The club members really look forward to the Christmas party we have plus it's about the only way any of the kids get Christmas presents.

The decision was made in March and so our house was the first to go. We used it as a chance to celebrate the beginning of summer as well as two of our boys graduating from high school and the program. We did a Hawaiian theme and put a ton of work into it. I had the backyard decorated with all kinds of tiki things and mini palm trees that we brought in. The inside of the house had beach and tropical fish backgrounds all over. I made up cds for each area to match music to the decor.

Usually our Christmas parties bring in about 60 people. Most people don't bother to rsvp so we just buy food based on the last year. Our rsvp list grew quite a bit in the last couple of days so we were afraid we would run out of food.

After much work, we got the boys to wear Hawaiian shirts making sure none of them had their gang colors anywhere on them (including the leis we passed out). The house was decorated, and we had a ton of ribs, teriyaki chicken, salads, appetizers and desserts. As soon as 1pm hit, the first two club members and two of the neighbors came over.

Unfortunately that was about it. Only eight people actually showed up. No one from the rsvp list came. None of the kids families came except for one mother at the very end. I felt really bad for the kids...they were disappointed and took it as a rejection. It's still tough for me to see how little these families care about their own sons even though it happens all the time. At least we got lots of good food to eat for the next week or so even after all the staff took what they wanted.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Sad Day

After a relaxing weekend in Idyllwild my mom called me on Monday to tell me that Holly passed away on Friday. She didnt want to ruin our weekend since we had such a difficult week. Holly waited for my mom to come home and then took two last breaths and layed her head down. She only lived for a year and 8 months but we have a lifetime of memories with her. She is and was the sweetest most caring puppy ever. She will be missed greatly.

Running away from home!

Since we both had bad weeks, Cyndi and I decided to run away from home after I got off work on Thursday night. We called around to see who was doing what this weekend and ended up spending a few days with Josh, Sarah, and Bowden Tate at Camp Maranatha in Idyllwild. Cyndi has only been up there for our October trips so it was nice to be there when it was a bit warmer.

We got there Friday afternoon and hung out for a while. Sarah made dinner for all of us while we entertained Bowden and kept him out of trouble. He just turned 2 last week and is very busy.

On Saturday some of the summer staff started to come up and we had lunch at camp. In the afternoon, we played folf and walked around town before meeting up with everyone at Idyllwild Pizza Company for dinner. The Tates left soon after that...Sarah and Bowden went to her mom's house for a fathers day event and Josh was asked to be the guest preacher at the Chatsworth AC church.

On Sunday morning we had brunch at JoAnn's. The service was horrid, but there aren't too many options in Idyllwild. We drove home just in time for me to get to work. I don't think we could have really forgotten about everything going on if we had stayed home so it was nice to get away and spend some quiet time with friends.

Friday, June 17, 2005


I was in a car accident on Thursday. No one was injured, thank goodness. A lady in a rental van and I were waiting at the intersection of Imperial and La Mirada to make a left onto La Mirada. We got a green light and the lady started to go and then stopped, however I had already started to go as well and couldnt stop as fast as she did. She asked me what happened and admitted to me she was looking down. As soon as it happened I turned on my hazard lights, turned off my engine and jumped out to make sure she was okay, she was sitting there talking on her cell phone, I stood there for close to 5 minutes while she finished her conversation and then she said why dont we go over there into the Starbucks parking lot I said sure. So I hopped into my car and we waited for the next green light, she passed the Starbucks lot and proceeded down to the Medical Building parking lot. Then she said she was going to call her husband, she wouldnt exchange info with me until he showed up, mean while I am late for my final for summer school. He showed up started calling the rental agency and their insurance company, did I mention he drove over with his two kids... anyways. She ran up to her office building with kids in tow to make copies while i sat around. When she came back she hadnt made copies of their paperwork. So back she went. Everytime she went up to her office it took her twenty min to a half hour to come back down. I was over an hour late for my class. Lucky for me the Prof. was cool about it. During our break I got the pleasure of calling our insurance company. Hopefully our rates wont get jacked to much... we both have spotless records. What a week. I am glad this one is over.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Holly Jolly Goedhart

Here is my mom and Holly. It is ironic we have a pic just like this with Oreo four years ago before she died two months after Paul and my wedding to the day. Oreo did lead a full life I got her when I was 8 yrs. old and she died when I was 21. It is still sad to think about her and now I feel terrible for Holly. =(

102 Degrees

Today I am sick. I wasnt feeling well when I woke up this morning I had a sore throat and stuffy nose. Things escalated through the day and I now have a temp of 101.7. I started getting chills and feeling faint around 7:20 or so and went to bed, I fell asleep till I was woken up by the emergency warning system on the T.V. about the tsunmi (spelling). I retook my temp a few min ago and it hasnt gone down any. Oy. I am in summer school and this is the last week for this class. I still have to write the major paper before Thursday and prepare a presentation on something else. Pray I will heal quickly and will be able to get soemthing down tomorrow.

Poor Puppy

Last week me and my mommy's puppy had a stroke. She doesnt do much of anything anymore and we think she is blind in at least one eye. She came into my life October of 2003 and I am so hurt that she will most likely not make it to her second birthday. She will walk around if encouraged to do so. She is getting a little better from the stroke she wasnt eating for awhile but started again and you have to hold water up to her snout for her to drink any. I love this little pup so much, she has been one of my best friends for the last year and a half. When I was home yesterday and sunday we hung out a lot and took some pictures together. I was told by my mom that this morning after my mom fed her breakfast and water and was getting ready for work that Holly started walking around on her own and went over to my door looking for me. This just breaks my heart. Please pray that she doesnt suffer if she passes and that if she is to be with us a little longer that she will regain her strength.

Bridal Shower

Sunday I drove down to SD for Michelle Robinson's Bridal Shower. My mom was helping to throw it so in the chain of command... so was I. The food was delicious especially the desserts (even though i only tried one of them) I also had the opportunity to see an old friend from H.S. Tara (Sexenian) Hyde. We talked for a bit, it was nice to see her again.

Shawn's B-day Par-tay

On Saturday the 11th of June a group of us went over to Randy and Janice's house for a BBQ and pool party to celebrate Shawn Sousas Birthday. Happy Birthday Shawny.

Pre-School Graduation

On Friday June 10th Janette Sousa graduated from Preschool! She will be a Kindergartener next fall. =) Afterward we went to Jose's Mexican Food for dinner. I enjoyed the food there and of course the company.

Play Time

Abby and I playing around before church started.

The Gathering

On Sunday the 29th of May we went to The Gathering with the Askews and Curly. Good times.


On the Saturday after graduation my mom, paul, curly and I treked it out to Riverdive for some Bunco. We had a great time and I won a door prize. Wahoo. My mom and I never ended up at a table together but we had lots o fun anyway. After Bunco some of the girls went to the movies and the guys stuck around to play some poker.

Our waiter Elvis was hi-larious

Paul and I during dinner at Bobby McGee's

Me and my parents

Graduation Photos... Late is better than never

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I had class tonight and before I begin my homework I decided to post on the blog. It is really bitter sweet as I finish my last two classes at Biola. Partly because I am not sure what the next stage in my life will bring and partly because I will miss going to school at BU. I have enjoyed my time at this University even though it has been tough and difficult at times. I am glad I have had this experience and that I have met some really good friends that I will have with me forever. Well that is just what is on my mind right now. I do need to stop procrastinating and go do my homework though.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Lazy Sunday

Paul and I didnt do much on Sunday. We hung out and watched In America. We own this movie but had never gotten around to watching it. Today we finally did. It was a well done movie. It was also about a father trying to provide for his family and struggling to understand some american customs as they have come from Ireland and do not know much of the locals way of doing things. Good movie that if you havent seen I would suggest borrowing it or renting it.

Bad News

My mom and Holly on Christmas 2003
I heard today that Holly is not doing well. I gave her to my mom for christmas and she is only a year and a half old, she has a tumor that is growing rapidly. There is not much we can do for her she just got a raw deal. It looks like she may not make it to her second birthday. It pretty much just sucks. She is the sweetest puppy I have ever known and our house will be extremely quiet without her in it.

Saturday, June 04, 2005


Every year Paul and I go up to Sage Granada Park UMC to help his folks out at the Bazar. It is a festival with games for the kids, food, cultural exhibits and entertainment, etc. Paul and Bradley took jobs grilling tacos, Leslie and I sold baked goods, Amy worked making chineese chicken salad for awhile and helped with baked goods and Hutchie worked all over the place where ever he was needed. It was a nice day and great food.

Girls/Boys Night Out

Tonight was planned to be a girls night out to go see Hitchhiker however the website had the wrong movie times and we didnt want to waste time from 7:40pm when they said the movie was showing till 11:45pm when it was auctually going to be shown. So instead Moe, Ang, Alissa (ang's friend) and I all dragged Charlie kicking and screaming to go see

The sisterhood of the traveling pants. I have read all the books and I still enjoyed this movie. There were a few things they changed in the movie that made one of the story lines very different but it was a cute movie, yes there was some cheese factor in it. This movie had potential to be better than it was but I liked it nontheless. (even charlie was caught laughing and getting into the movie!) After the movie was over we decided to see a double feature and saw Cinderella Man. Moe couldnt join us because she had to drive all the way back to riverdive. This was a great movie and I can say that because it wasnt about boxing. The movie was about providing for your family and surviving together. It was inspirational, had me at the edge of my seat at times and was emotionally moving. This is a must see!

While the girls were went out to dinner and a movie the boys all drove to riverdive to play poker at the Askew's house.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Ohhh Back 2 School

So three days after I graduated with my MA I have to go back to school this time for a certificate from the state so that when I recieve my CLEAR credential I will be hirable. So I am taking two classes this summer. The first one deals with research in cultural diversity. We watched part of Spanglish on tuesday and on thursday we watched Hotel Rwanda

This was a very well done movie. I was only 13 when the genocide was going on in Africa and being a person who was not interested in ever watching the news or what was going on the in the world when I was younger I only remember hearing a tiny bit about Rwanda. I am so glad that my professor decided to show us the whole movie. It was really eye opening. This class has a lot of work but it is managable which is good since it is only a three week course and we are already done with the first week!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I'm popular!

One of my latest addictions is My Space. My brother Brad got me hooked and now my goal is to have more friends than he does. The problem is that he had a 350 friend head start and I don't really know anyone else who has a My Space page. My solution is to gather as many fake friends as I can. I have Cyndi, Brad, and Amy, but the rest are my odd collection of pop culture icons, movie characters, and dead celebrities. I even got a bunch of them to post comments on my homepage. So far I'm up to 80 friends so if you read this and have your own page, let me know so I can add you. Oh yeah, you have to register to be able to check out all my new friends.