Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Gizmo, the orange dinosaur! Roar!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Homecoming Weekend

On Friday October 24th I counted down the minutes till I could jet out of work, hop in my car and fly down the freeway to SD. Why you may ask? For because my dear TK came all the way from Colorado for a whirlwind of a visit. Once I made it to mom's I chatted with T and Richard for a few before he took off for the evening. T and I headed over to Subway to grab some sandwiches. Picked up Tiffany and went over to our Alma Mater Serra High to see the "Q dawgs" 2008 homecoming game. Our good buddies Erin and her daughter Hadley as well as Tif's parents and sister all met up for a mini reunion of sorts. We had a good time hanging out and watching our boys in a victorious fight against La Jolla!
The game itself was a nail biter. There were punches thrown, shirt grabbing and swinging around of players. A failed field goal attempt that would have tied the game when we were down by 3 because a La Jolla player some how tackled the ref! It all came down to the last minute and a half when Serra made some great gains and completed a couple awesome passes. We thought they were going to have to kick it and settle for a tie but the boys pulled it together and were able to pull out a win. Final score of 21-17!
On Saturday we slept in a bit, did some shopping my mom found a shirt that looked really good on her, sadly we did not find any pants that were petite in length and I got a beautiful shirt that looks really good on me (thank you TK) Ineed to go shopping more often with T (did I really just say I NEED to go shopping?), we rented a couple movies, and enjoyed just hanging out together.

Sunday began with church. We grabbed a quick lunch and then headed out to the harvest festival at Del Mar fair grounds. Mom, T and I looked around at all the incredible and some scary (fish) sculptures that people had created. Both Mom and TK picked up some lovely necklaces and a ring. Before long the three of us had to head home where we packed up, had dinner, took back the rentals, took a spin around Tierrasanta since it has been 8 years since TK has been back and then I bored T with hundreds of photos from Alaska. Too quickly it became time to head to the airport so that T wouldnt miss her plane.

See you in November friend.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

10th Annual Idyllwild Camping Trip in October (AICTO)

Will have to wait. All the people at Pauls work snatched up all the weekends in October so we will not be able to visit this month. We are planning on figuring out a weekend soon when we can go up and camp before it starts to get too cold.

We did celebrate our 9 year dating anniversary tonight by going out for come BBQ, buying some picture frames from Target and then cosing up on the couch to watch the BL.

For your reading pleasure and to refresh your memory you can read TSOU. :)

New posts should return soon and I promise that in the next month we will get our Alaska trip with photos posted! Things have just been so crazy with the packing and the moving and the unpacking along with work.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Name me.... (feature stolen from Job Tate)

I am under 45 years old.
I love the outdoors.
I hunt.
I am a Republican reformer.
I have taken on the Republican Party establishment.
I have many children.
I have a spot on the national ticket as vice president with less than two years in the governor’s office.