Friday, September 30, 2005

Knotts Scary Farm

On Saturday, Oct 1, Bradley got me a couple of VIP passes to Knotts Scary Farm that he got from work. Cyndi and her mom went out of town to a retirement party so I ended up going with the person who would most appreciate a Halloween event, Angela. I'm not big on roller coasters so I made it known that we were there for the mazes and shows.

Everything was free including parking and a VIP buffet. The food was amazing and they had a bunch of Halloween themed chocolate sculptures for desserts. I'm not much of a drinker, but there was unlimited free alcohol for everyone.

Angela was pretty scared in the mazes which just encouraged the monsters to follow her around and get up in her face. We also went to a circus freak show, a Halloween themed improv comedy show similar to Comedy Sports, and the Hanging, which proclaimed Tom Cruise as the most annoying celebrity of the year.

Being the nice guy I am, I made sure to call Bradley while I was there to thank him for the tickets. Seeing as he was sitting in the Oakland airport after a bad vacation, I'm sure it cheered him up knowing I put his tickets to good use. HAHAHAHA

Thursday, September 29, 2005

You're Out!

Tonight was the Dodgers last home game of the season. Bradley couldn't go, some fancy trip up to Oakland so he hooked us up with the tickets. Paul, another friend and I went to watch the game. The seats were decent. The crowd was a little strange since it was the last game and the Dodgers lost there were angry people even though the out come of the game didn't matter. It was fun anyway. The game felt like it was going to last forever and there were no exciting plays or grand slams but I enjoy going to ball games no matter what.


We've got mold!

Busy! Busy! Busy!

So much to do this weekend

Thursday: Dodger Game

Friday: I am going to Simi Valley and Paul is going to Knotts Scary Farm

Saturday: Reagan Library and my Uncle Barry's Retirement Party

Sunday: LA County fair

Photos and Details to Follow

Monday, September 26, 2005


Today I stopped by Riverside to see Moe for a bit and give her a few things that Angela and Charlie had asked me to drop off for them. We had a nice time hanging out and talking for a bit. Monday's are her Bible Study Night but tonight they were just going to Norm's for dessert so I tagged along. It was good to get out with some girls for awhile. Tricia Sousa and her new bundle of joy Connor joined us, as well as Alisha and Julie some of their neighbors. We had some great conversation and the dessert was good as well.

Quote of the day

"The gospel is meant to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable"

--Garrison Keillor

Movie Night!

On Friday afternoon we went to see Corpse Bride after I finished work. I liked it, but since I'm such a big fan of Nightmare Before Christmas, I think my expectations were too high. My biggest issue with it was that all the living scenes were so gray and depressing. I kept wanting them to go back to the colorful afterlife. I really like the music (of course) especially the Mr. Bonejangles song because it was Danny Elfman going back to the beginnings of Oingo Boingo. Overall I would recommend it and will see it again sometime.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Yes Drill Sarg: Take Two

=( Drop and give me TWENTY! =(

Well the day finally came our friend Charlene has left for boot camp! She will be gone for many many months. Please keep her in your prayers as she goes through this training and prepares for a future job and also for her safety.

Friday, September 23, 2005

C of P&C from A-Z

I haven't been outta my apartment in over 3 days I have to do something to amuse myself.

A Age: 25

B Bands (well groups really) my top five : u2, joss stone, garth, mars hill, counting crows

C Career of Future: who knows...I don’t have a career of right now but there are so many possibilities.

D Dirty little secrets: honestly can't think of any

E Ethnic Background: german, dutch and irish

F Favorite Song at the Moment: holy water by big & rich

G Great Escape: movies or idyllwild, vegas every once in awhile

H Hometown: san diego, california

I Instrument: I use to play sax and piano, maybe I will again someday

J Job Title: right now... substitute teacher

K Kids: none that I know of

L Last Person Who Made You Laugh: paul

M Movies - best you've seen recently: just like heaven, white oleander, in good company

N Number of Siblings: 0

O Oldest Living Relative: that I know of my grandparents

P Phobias/Fears: spiders, drownding, being kidnapped (one to many csi episode I suspect)

Q Favorite Quote: just about every line from billy madison

R Radio stations: 93.9, 94.1, 98.7, 106.7, 95.1

S Song You Sang Last: who are you (csi is on the tele)

T Television - show you last watched: criminal minds

U Unknown Fact About Me: I don’t answer hard questions after midnight!

V Vegetable You Hate: onion, radish, celery, tomato

W Worst Habit: fingernail biting when nervous or under stress

X X-rays You've Had: let's see... all ten fingers, both wrists, both ankles, left knee those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. come to think of it might be shorter to list ones I haven't had.

Y Yummy Food: chicken, pizza, steak, chocolate covered peanuts, peanut butter and chocolate ice cream

Z Zodiac Sign: leo the fearless lion (come on, sing it if you know it)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sick with ICK!

I didn't feel good yesterday but I didn't feel terrible. Last night I woke up almost every hour on the hour, my temp continually went up as the night went on. By 6am I was at 101.8 and then at 8:30am I hit 102.1 My fever has broken a couple of times during the day but then spikes again and remains at 102 for quite awhile. Paul had to leave at 5:30pm to pick up Charlie from the train station and then he had to go to work because his overnight guy called out. As soon as Paul left I went to go use the restroom and ended up emptying my stomach contents which included water, 7-up and a few saltine crackers. So now paul has to work a 12 hour shift and I am trying not to move to much for fear the little bit I have drank will come back up. To top it all of I am going to have to not work tomorrow and possibly the next day. Oy. I need to go lay down.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Sea World

Thursday, September 15th 2005

This week the Suiters came out from Nevada for a vacation. They stayed some where in Carlsbad area and visited the Zoo and Sea World in San Diego. Since I was working Tuesday when they would be at the Zoo I met up with them on Thursday at Sea World. It was lots o fun. We had some time to catch up and talk in between shows and while Hailey played in the kids playground area. Since it was only $20 more for a year pass I did that since it would have cost that much for parking on two additional visits to the park. I had to leave early because I needed to get a few things fixed on the Corolla before heading back home.

Random Thoughts

I had my 5 year anniversary at work recently and just got my evaluation. I got just about the maximum they could give me. The only "negative" on the whole thing is that I need to give others a little more work so I don't burn out. I've been feeling burnt out for a while so they're a bit late on that one.

We're still waiting to hear if Girls and Boy's Town is going to offer us a position or not. I don't mind waiting though since we're both torn on whether or not we want it. It would help us out big time because we'd be making twice what I do now, but without having to pay any rent, utilities, food, gas, etc. We could have kids and pets there too. The downside is that even though it's in SoCal, it is a missionary job. We wouldn't be able to leave for more than 8 hours on our "days off". That means most family and friends contact would be limited to whoever comes to visit us in Rancho Santa Marguerita. Any advice, comments, or prayers on this are much appreciated.

The Corpse Bride comes out this week! Two Tim Burton movies in 3 months is cool.

I've had the White Stipes song "My Doorbell" stuck in my head for about a week now.

I've been working on making the coolest jukebox in the world with iTunes. I had about 500 songs on the computer already...a lot of live or acoustic versions of songs. Now I'm adding everything decent off of our 450 cds. Let me know what songs you would have to have in perfect mix so I don't miss anything.

We're the high bidder on ebay for U2 tickets at Staples Center and Vegas in November. I'm pretty sure we'll be outbid, but you never know.

I won my first regular season fantasy football game in a year this week. Hopefully this season goes better than last year when I was 3-14 with a 12 game losing streak.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Date Night

On Friday Paul and I decided to get out for a date night. We realized it was the first day of the County Fair so we headed up to L.A. It was only a buck to get in since it was the first night. We had a great time. We went to the petting zoo, got some good eats, walked through an area where they had different gardens and yards set up and the theme was Hawaiian which was cool since we bought different plants when we were in Hawaii now we have some ideas on how to make a cool looking yard. We also saw Bono, sadly not the real one but a U2 cover band. We enjoyed ourselves. After the band played we walked over to the exhibits and looked around. When those buildings closed we headed over to the board walk where all the games are. We tossed quarters we had in our pockets and won three stuffed animals. Then it was after midnight so we headed home.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Safe and Sound!

Please continue your prayers for those who are suffering because of Hurricane Katrina. I have just recieved good news. I have a friend who has been living in New Orleans while she was completing her masters degree. I have just recieved word that she had just moved up to Batan Rouge since she graduated in May and has been working up there. They did get some of the storm but not the eye of it. Her boyfriend as family that was in New Orleans and so far it has been good news all around because they were able to get incontact with his sister who is pregnant and found out she is fine and that everyone is safe. Pray for their continued safety as there has been some looting and violence that has broken out in the area.

I have another friend Melissa and her family that live in Pensacola, FL. They too were hit by the hurricane and I have not yet heard from her so keep her and her family in your prayers as well.


Sunday, 5th of September

We had a 3rd interview with Boys & Girls Town today. It went well however we have been going back and forth between if we would take the job if it was offered. After finding out how much time we would have off per week (18 hours total). We have pretty much decided that it would not be worth it for us even with all of the benefits because we would not be able to go any where ever, and we would not be able to see our family for long periods of time. So... back to the drawing board.

The newest Askew addition

Sunday, 28th of August

After all of our travels we finally got a chance to go over to the Askews and meet their newest addition James. He is a cutie. Abby and Drew are so adorable wanting to help take care of JR and give him kisses and cuddles. I had a chance to hang out with Moe a bit. Things were a little crazy as Moe's sister was moving out that day and a lot of their family was over to help. Congratulations Moe & Nick!

Vegas baby Vegas

Wednesday, 24th of August to Friday, 26th of August

Once we got back from Hawaii we had to stick around town even though Paul had an additional week off because we had a second interview for Boys & Girls Town. After the interview we decided we wanted to get out of town for awhile longer. We were hoping to get out to AZ to visit Roland but we didnt get the message he left for us until we got home because our cell phones were on the fritz. So we hung out in Vegas. We had fun, didn't really do much. We walked around, took the tram up and down the strip. Paul entered a poker tournament, he didn't win money but got further than he has in the past.

Cyndi was able to set it up so that before we left town she could stop by and see her old college roomie Kelly. We stopped by Kelly's work and talked for a bit. CJ (kelly's brother) also works there and boy has he gotten tall. It was good to visit even if just for a little while. Cyndi did find out that they would be coming to San Diego in a couple weeks so maybe they can meet up again for a longer time.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hawai'i Day 8

Saturday, 20th of August

We checked out of the cruise ship today. Because we wanted to go to Pearl Harbor and we have heard from others that they only allow X number of people per day we wanted to make sure we were able to go we decided to go with a tour from the ship. It was a somber experience to walk through the museum and the memorial to those who were lost. In addition to Pearl Harbor tour we also got a city tour. We drove around the enitre city and learned about some of the rich history of the land. After the tour we still had a few hours before we had to be back at the airport to meet my mom who went to visit a friend. So we decided to go over to Waikiki and look around. We walked on the beach and went to the international marketplace. We learned that Taco Bell/Pizza Hut and Taxi's cost a lot in this town. We still had fun walking around and looking at the different shops.
Paul:Exploring the city of Waikiki with Cyndi was a lot of fun. Just looking around the shops and enjoying each others company.

Cyndi: I am not sure what my favorite part of the day was I enjoyed the history and being able to go to Pearl Harbor. I also liked going to the beach at Waikiki.