Friday, April 19, 2013

Big or Little....

cats love boxes!

Check out my post from a while back of Gizmo and his love of boxes. Click Here.

Now check out this video of big cats and boxes

Monday, April 08, 2013

Electric Run

February 2013

5Ks are addicting, well for me at least. I signed up for this one before we started our IVF cycle and honestly did not anticipate being pregnant. So instead of running this one I walked it at a slow and steady pace. But I still finished it and enjoyed myself while I did it. 

Getting electrified

The scenery around Del Mar for the race

Alumni Softball Game

February 2013

I was sad that I couldn't join in the fun at the softball game with the other Biola alumni, nor could I tell anyone why I couldn't play (that whole pregnancy thing) since it was still a secret. I did have a great time catching up with everyone and meeting Krista's twins! It is always a good time to watch a fun softball game. 

Introducing the 'oldies'

Play Ball!