Friday, March 29, 2013

Last Blog for Last Year

December 31st, 2012

We began our 1st IVF attempt in mid-November. Since the clinic was closed for New Years and I was going to have to wait two extra days to go in for my blood test I decided to take an HPT first thing in the morning on New Years Eve. I figured either I would get the bad news that it didn't work in 2012 and we could begin 2013 with a fresh start or it would be fantastic news to end 2012 and something wonderful to look forward to in 2013. While it felt like an eternity waiting for the result to show up though it probably took less than 30 seconds. Then I kept waiting for the NOT to show up, but it never did...

This was a great way to end/begin a year. 

Special Exhibit

December 30, 2012

Paul, myself and the parents headed up to the Reagan Library to spend the day. We looked through the main presidency portion, grabbed lunch and then headed to the special Disney exhibit! There were tons of memorabilia: sketches, posters, replicas of how his home office was set up, tons of other Disney items. 

Costumes from many of the princess and super hero movies along with Pirates and Alice in Wonderland. 

Portions of original rides, vehicles from rides and movies along with recreations of sets. 

Disney artists sketches for Mr & Mrs Reagan, Mickey ears and a staff name tag. 

It was a beautiful day.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Christmas Eve

December 2012

Our Christmas tree complete with Charlie Brown. 

Tree. Presents. Family. Cookies. Penguins. Laughter. Food.

Disney @ Christmas

December 2012

Unfortunately for Bradley he got sick and couldn't use his tickets to Disneyland, however this was quite good fortune for Amy and me. She came and met me at work and we headed off for an evening of fun. We hit up DCA first for a spin in Radiator Springs and then headed over to Disney for the rest of the night. Our evening though cold and too windy for fireworks was lovely.

The Office Christmas Party

December 2012

Marshmallow Toss 

Turkey Carving. Christmas Story. Singing Carols. Hanging Out. Presents. Decor. 

Game Time. 


Turkey Day

November 2012

This year I did something a little different for Thanksgiving. I drove out to Arizona (Tuscon) to visit Charlene. Her mom was kind enough to host me for the weekend and her family welcomed me to their Thanksgiving feast. We had a great time catching up, hanging out, eating, and we even went to see a movie.

Dinner with the family and our outing to In-n-out.

I got to meet this adorable little one.

Hangin with my buddy.

Dawn on the drive home.

On my way through Phoenix I had the pleasure of having breakfast with TK & Wes.

Mumford & Sons

November 2012 @ The Hollywood Bowl 
  1. Babel 
  2. I Will Wait
  3. Roll Away Your Stone 
  4. Winter Winds 
  5. Below My Feet 
  6. White Blank Page 
  7. For Those Below 
  8. Timshel
  9. Little Lion Man 
  10. Lover of the Light 
  11. Thistle & Weeds 
  12. Broken Crown 
  13. Ghosts That We Knew 
  14. Awake My Soul 
    (with Dawes)
  15. Holland Road 
  16. Dust Bowl Dance 
  17. Encore:
  18. Lovers' Eyes 
  19. Where Are You Now? 
  20. The Cave 
  21. With a Little Help from My Friends