Tuesday, January 11, 2005

long night

I'm here at work doing the overnight shift so I thought I'd take a look at this blog I never use. I figured I would be able to post at least every couple of days, but it's been 3 years now and this is post #8 I think....and half of those weren't even by me.

I had to go Donald Trump on our overnight guy last week. He was sleeping on the job again. Part of me feels bad for the guy since he has a family and a couple of small kids. But on the other hand, he wasn't even trying. He'd turn the lights and TV off and lay down on the couch where all the kids could see him sleeping. He tried to say that I just happened to come in at 3am on the only 2 nights he fell asleep. Not likely. There were too many problems going on in the house for me to let the kids run amok at night while this guy slept. When I came and busted him, he kept sleeping for an hour while I was in the same room as he was.

Usually I don't mind the occasional overnight shift. It gives me a break from having to be around the kids that day. Unfortunately because of scheduling issues, I'm just squeezing this in between my Monday morning and Tuesday evening shifts. Good times.

I should be doing something productive, but I've been up since 6am and this shift still has 5 hours to go. I'm just doing whatever I can to stay awake. That means tons of coffee and watching some of the DVDs I got for Christmas. I started Arrested Development season 1 and Reno 911! season 1 on Thursday night when I was here....probably watch some more in a little while.