Sunday, March 08, 2009

Trying to Catch our Breath

Friday- I headed up to LA with MIL and SIL to see Rent for Amy's 21st birthday. When I got home Paul and I loaded up some laundry and packed a bag then headed for San Diego.

Saturday- We arrived in SD around 2am, but didn't get to sleep till around 3am. In the morning we got up round 9am ran errands, visited Citibank, had breakfast, ran some more errands, went shopping, did laundry, settled accounts, ordered dinner in, went to church at CVCF with Marc, Tiffany and TK, packed up our stuff and headed back to OC. Morgan called and invited us to Watchmen at 10pm. We made it to Irvine just in time for the previews.

Sunday-Enjoyed Watchmen, talked for a few minutes with Morgan and fam/friends. We finally began our last 30 miles home. We arrived home around 140am. Checked out the apartment for any damage (it was Gizmos first time alone over night) there was none! Then we fell into bed. Got up around 10am showered and headed up to ALH for birthday brunch at Almansor Court. It was Amy's 21st, Christie's 30th and Tootie's 60th celebration extravaganza. There was a good time had by all we enjoyed orange juice, champagne and a wide variety of breakfast and lunch foods. Paul had to take off around 130 to head to work. I headed home to run a few errands and get ready for the week.

We need a weekend to recover from our weekend!

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