Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Take 2

Since we had so much fun at the first premiere we decided that we would do it all over again the following Tuesday. I don't much care for scary/horror type movies but TK and D were excited so Paul and I decided to go along for the outing.
This was at a different location than the Watchmen so we scoped out the area... was pretty small and easy to find places we could stand to try and get photos. It was way early and we were all just hanging out talking when we saw "Jason" from Friday the 13th. He was so sweet, asking our names and shaking our hands.

While we were still just milling around before the Red Carpet opened up I saw a guy come out of the parking structure with his hoodie on. I caught his eye and thought "huh, that guy looks so familiar" I elbow TK and demand that TIMDB tell me who it is. She took a moment and then freaked saying OTH! Took us a few minutes to remember his characters name. It was the bartender Owen. He ducked into the smoothie shop and I said we cannot pass this up! So, after he ordered and headed towards the door a little TK in her oh so sweet voice asked if we could pretty please get a quick photo and we would be quiet about it so no one else around us would notice. He said sure, chatted for a moment, and then headed back into the parking garage to go upstairs to the 24-hour fitness.
Finally it was time for the Red Carpet...

At this location we weren't allowed to line up along the perimeter, they shoved everyone into a small little area surrounded with ropes like a pigpen! The men there are mostly trying to get autographs so they can sell them and make money, we just wanted them for ourselves. I couldn't take it after a few minutes so I left and went upstairs into the parking garage so I wouldn't be shoved around. TK and D endured the pushing down on ground level. Paul split his time between the two. TK got marked up by the crazy stalkarazzi!

During the movie we went across the street to Borders to get some coffee and sit for awhile.
After the movie let out we were able to get a few photos with some celebs as they were coming out of the theatre.
Then TK, D and I dropped Paul off to pick up his car and jetted back to the apartment. We watched The BL while Paul talked to his bro and drove home. Another very LATE night but was fun times once again.


Trisha K said...

Why didn't you post Sara's money shot?! I'm still all giggly about Derek saying I punched him, and meeting "Owen". One step closer to Sophia!

Cyn said...

That will be revealed in time... on someone brand new blog we are putting together especially for adventures... ;)

Trisha K said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. got it!