Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Watching the Watchmen, and other Celebs

Monday March 2nd 2009 Trisha, David and I headed up to LA to see the Yellow Carpet Premiere of The Watchmen. We walked up and down Hollywood Blvd. for a bit and happened upon The Mentalist which was shooting a scene. We stuck around and watched for awhile and ended up being able to be "extras" walking around on the street while they completed the scene.

Then we headed over and grabbed a bite to eat. We headed down to the front of the Kodak theatre found a great spot and settled in for the long hall. Slowly stars began to show up about 15min. behind schedule. TK did a great job grabbing shots from our vantage point.

Once everyone was inside we decided to walk around and browse since David had never been up to Hollywood Blvd before. The three of us waited around till the movie let out to see if we could catch any additional photos, or autographs. Unfortunately since it was such a major event and it had been raining earlier they had two different exits which means we missed a good portion of celebs leaving. TK did see a few she wanted to get photos with...

It was then time to head home as it was LATE!

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