Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Three Short Days

And this will be the view from my apartment.
This is the layout of our new place
Here are photos off the website of what our place will look like.

The DL for the move on Saturday Sept. 13th Paul and I will be up around 6am to begin the move with the help of Brad. The boys will go rent a truck and then we will begin loading it. Anytime the rest of you who are so generously donating time to help us move can filter in when ever you are up and ready. You can give us a call on one of our cells to find out where we are at that time (if you don't have our numbers leave a comment and I will get them to you)


Charlene said...

ooohhh....it's soooo big

and nice and clean!

Darth said...

oh crap, you really wanted me there at 6 am? that was more of a joking sort of time i just threw out there for fun. you know that's a saturday right?

Cyn said...

we'll see what time everyone gets up but doing it before it is HOT out is better. we will be hooking up the coffee and pepsi fluids to get the caffene buzz going. you could always come over Fri. night and help us and then you would already be here and not have to get up quite so early.

sarah said...

That's a sweet apartamento, dudes. I can't wait to visit and cram our five into that room! Yay!

Trisha K said...

Bedroom 2 : aka Trisha's Room!

Cyn said...

TK is that because it has the big closet?