Monday, July 28, 2008

Thursday July 17th


Soon as we docked we loaded onto another boat and headed out to Deer Island. Once we made it to the island we were split into two groups since there were only enough kayaks for half the people on the trip. As the first group headed out on the water those of us left on the island had some good eats, played sand volleyball, went on a hike and relaxed in the water. Once the first group got back we threw on our jackets and we were...

Ready to go kayaking!
We're paddling to where?

Cool rock formations

View from the kayak

Look at that water

We made it back!

What do you use those for?

Goodbye crazy Americans


Coach Moe said...

So I gotta know, did Curly paddle this time!

Cyn said...

you'll have to ask Charlie. i wasn't in their kayak.