Thursday, July 31, 2008

happy early birthday to me

i have been looking around like a mad woman for a wii fit. and it seemed every where i went i was just a bit too late to get one. until.... i met blockbuster guy (who is way better than starbucks boy) and he told me that some were coming and to check back at 5pm. so i wait and go over at 445. i walk in and ask if he remembers me, he says yes. then proceeds to tell me that the shipment came in 10min after i left! my mouth drops and i am sure that he is going to tell me better luck next month. but then he walks back to an unopened box and brings one over. i was so excited. then i ask nicely do you have another? and will you sell me two? he says YES!!!

so to recap not only did blockbuster guy hold on to the box and not allow anyone else to buy them but he sold me two of them so that our friends Jeric could join in on the fun.

good times good times.

i <3 blockbuster guy


Thany said...

Oohhhhh, AWESOME!

Those look like sooo much fun!

jeri said...

Thanks! I didn't get off the fit board until I had gone through all of the available exercises in all of the categories except yoga. It tells me I have good balance, but I don't believe it!

Cyn said...

thany- so much fun. glad i finally found one.

jeri- i didnt get off till i had done everything but 3 of the strength exercises. pauls kicking my toosh at the balance games.