Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wednesday July 16th

Puerto Vallarta Today we got off the boat and headed to Sea Life Park where we had the opportunity to swim with the dolphins, enjoy a free lunch and go on water slides and relax in the lazy river.

I really think the photos say it all~ We loved every minute of it!

Sarg. getting a foot push from the dolphins, kissing the dolphin and taking a ride.

The Captain getting kissed

Master C's dolphins are tickling her feet, giving her a kiss and she is blissed out while taking a ride

Our two dolphins doing some tricks for us.

After we were done at Sea Life Park we had a few hours to walk around town taking photos, partaking in a few drinks and buying souvenirs.

We each got two free drinks, now that deserves a thumbs up!


Coach Moe said...

Looks like you had so much fun that you didn't even realize you were missing a BGG member.....sad sniff sniff

Cyn said...

what you were so there, you even have your own post.

Coach Moe said...

yeah I posted that comment before you posted my post! my bad.