Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sunday July 13th

Woke up early to take care of last minute details, and figure out where we were meeting Charlie. We met up for lunch. Paul and I grabbed some 5 guys burgers and everyone else had soup and sandwiches. Paul dropped the three of us off in Long Beach where we waited through an incredible line and jumpped through many hoops in order to board the boat. Once we made it to our room we decided that it was indeed worth it to have dragged all our bags with us because some people would be waiting till 8pm till they would see their bags again. We were very glad to have ours right there with us.

The first course of business when you board the vessel is to do a safety drill where you must report to your Muster station with your life vest so that the crew can make sure you know where to go in case of emergency and to show you how to properly wear your life jacket.

I am sure that if there was an emergency everyone would calmly walk down those 8 flights of stairs and stand in their Muster station waiting for directions. Here is what we looked like wearing our fashonable jackets the view from our room as we were leaving Long Beach


Darth said...

my only question is did they call it the ship of dreams?

barefootkangaroo said...

Is Mr. Ping enjoying himself?

Cyn said...

darth - splain?

barefoot - he sure is!

Darth said...

psst, hello...titanic! "It was called the ship of dreams...and it was, it truly was"

Cyn said...

shhh, ive never seen it.