Monday, December 02, 2013

N8's 1st week

September 17-22, 2013

The first night home was ROUGH! N8 was soooo hungry and not satisfied with what he was getting so there was much awakeness and crying all night long. Lucky for us there was a doctor apt. the next day and we discussed some options in order to help satisfy N8's hunger. Using a syringe we are feeding him some formula while he is nursing, it has helped a ton though it is tricky and time consuming to do. The doctor wants to see him back in a few days to check on his weight and make sure he is gaining instead of losing since he dropped 10 ounces from his birth weight. Otherwise we have been adjusting to our new roles and getting to know our little guy. He is quite a content baby. N8 squeaks most often when he is hungry but once fed he goes right back to sleep. He is so snuggle-y, he will sleep on you for hours and hours if you want him too. 

Hanging with the Grandparents, Uncle Bradley, Auntie Christie and meeting Cousin Stephen

Meeting Great-Grandma McIver AKA Mair

Meeting Great-Aunt Jean

Every single time there is a diaper change we were greeted with the highest pitched screeches ever! We have been doing team diaper changes to try and speed along the process so that we minimize the amount of screeching time by N8. 

Erin was super kind to drive up to meet Nate and bring my mom with her!

Meeting Grandma Goedhart
Cyndi's mom took a week off work to come up and stay with us to spend time with her new grandbaby.

As you can see Nate had a very busy first week. :)

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