Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Going Home

36 hours after having N8 we were finally heading home. 

Someone made it very well known how much he did not enjoy being put in his car seat to go home. His entire body turned beet red. One of the nurses insisted on me taking a pacifier with us, you know just in case, since he was making such a racket. (I will have to find that photo and scan it in later)

Since he was being so noisy about the car seat I sat in back with our little guy. Once in the car he calmed down and wanted to hold hands during the entire trip. He ended up falling asleep but would not release his grip on my thumbs. 

Time to meet Gizmo. G carefully crept up to investigate and sniff the new addition. He started with the toes and worked his way up. He continued doing this for a few days anytime N8 was quietly sleeping, G had to check him out.

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