Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Tim Drake on Tweeting about Abortions --
"Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the Culture of Death rears another of its many ugly heads.

Those who brought us the “I Had an Abortion” T-shirts and other abortion-wear, are now proudly tweeting about their actions on Twitter.

Salonr reported on the online campaign, which started last Wednesday. Women, using the hashtag #ihadanabortion, began boasting that they, too, had ended the life of their unborn children. Organizers say that the reason for the campaign is to “promote empowerment and take the ‘stigma’ out of abortion.”

It’s not the first time a woman has taken to the Internet to share what she’s done to her unborn child.

Last February, Angie Jackson, took to Twitter to live-tweet her abortion after taking the abortion-inducing drug RU-486.

“It’s not that bad, it’s not that scary,” wrote Jackson. “It’s basically like a miscarriage.”

Salon writer Tracy Clark-Flory compared Jackson’s efforts to that of watching a medical procedure online for having a tooth extracted.

Flory described the #IHADANABORTION campaign as a “part of a long tradition of feminist consciousness-raising.”

“I’m not sorry. I’ve never been sorry. I will never be sorry,” wrote one tweeter.

“Yep, #IHADANABORTION..more than one, now that I am ready I am now 7 months pregnant w/ my 2nd child…my body, my decision!” wrote another.

Has life become so trivialized that women can so callously talk with pride of killing their unborn son or daughter? What’s next? Online videos of women’s babies being aborted?

Lori Ziganto, writing over at the NewsRealBlog, offers a great perspective on the campaign.

Not only does such a campaign trivialize life, but it also ignores the very real experiences of so many other women, and men, who have been traumatized by their decision to have an abortion, women routinely seen on the television show “Faces of Abortion.” Women like Carla, (in the video) who are not only sorry for the decision they made, but also unable to forget what they’ve done, and the thousands of women who’ve gone through post-abortion retreats through Rachel’s Vineyard.

The #IHADANABORTION campaign is a sad commentary on where we’ve come as a nation."

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