Monday, November 08, 2010

The One about the Mother and the Hospital

Very early on Friday morning the 5th my mother woke and needed to get up for something. It was 3am and no one is quite sure what happened next only that she fell and hurt herself. She was able to call the neighbors for help but they were having trouble understanding her. They came down to the house and decided she needed an ambulance to take her to the hospital.

She was admitted around 5am. As my phone sometimes delays calls, messages and texts I didn't get the call around 4am from the neighbors until 8am. She was getting xrays on her chest, ankle and shoulder as well as having blood work done. The x-rays came back okay but she couldn't bear any weight on her feet and couldn't move her right arm without excruciating pain. The blood work came back with a high white cell count (usually caused by infection or inflammation). So they kept her there and repeated the test many, many hours later. Her white cell count was still high which meant that they couldn't transfer her to a nursing facility. My mother also had a very fast and irregular heart rate. The docs have been monitoring it quite closely and adjusted her meds so that it should help keep it down.

Finally on Sunday evening about 6pm she was cleared to go to a nursing facility and they were able to find a bed for her at one near the house. She was given a wheel chair transport while I got in my car and met them over there. It took a couple hours to get her settled into the new facility as the aides needed to go over why she was there, all of her meds etc. About 830p she was comfortable, loaded up on pain meds and I turned on her tele so that at 9 she could watch Desperate Housewives and I took off for the night.

Today she should be seen by a Dr., Physical and Occupational Therapist and I should have a better idea as to how long she will have to be in the nursing home.

Please pray that she has quick healing, and is back to being her old independent self. It is hard to see her in a facility like this. I cannot bear the thoughts that pop into my head as the two closest remaining relatives I have are both in nursing homes right now.


Red Riding Hood said...

Oh Cyndi, I'm so sorry. Of course I'm praying that she gets better and for comfort for her and you.

Kelly said...

Praying for her to have a quick healing! Be strong! Love you!!

Moe said...

I am continuing to pray for her and for you and Paul. Please keep me updated on how she is doing.I love you friend!