Monday, November 16, 2009

Really? Really!

I cannot wait for our upstairs neighbors to MOVE!!!
Hurry up and get out people.

They vacuum at 3 in the morning. They drop loud objects on the floor at all hours of the day and night.
Really? REALLY!

They cuss, scream, and fight with each other so loudly that we cannot hear our own conversations.They hit the walls and slam doors when they are mad at each other.
Really? REALLY!

They turn on the air conditioner, shut up every window in their place and smoke which comes down the heating vent into our apartment. Not to mention that we are convinced they are involved in some sort of illegal activity, we just can't seem to figure out what it is. The possibilities: meth lab, stolen goods, insurance scams involving car accidents...
Really? REALLY!

We heard rumor they were moving out at the end of Oct., well that didn't happen. I saw the guy stacking up some random items and taking a handful of trips to the car with un-boxed items so hopefully by the end of this month we will be rid of them.


Sherida said...

We've had the vacuuming at all hours of the night, and the dropping things, but you have us beat with the screaming and cussing. I hope they move soon and you get new neighbors who are nice and quiet.

Cyn said...

Thanks, yea we are really hoping they will be gone by the end of this month... although sooner would be better.

Leslie said...

Sounds like Grandma Hutchins' apt..her upstairs neighbor vacuums every day at 6 a.m....hope you get someone new soon

Cyn said...

yea, execpt these two think 2am-3am is a fantastic time to vacuum. i think i would almost prefer 6am... although the afternoon and evening would be so much better! poor grandma hutchins :/