Sunday, November 15, 2009

The End of the Blogcation

Apparently my blogcation is over. Cyndi was unable to post today due to forgetting to take her computer with her to San Diego. She claims that I haven't posted since around January. It doesn't seem that long, but who knows. I told her I can barely manage Facebook status updates, so coming up with enough material for a blog post is stretching it.

Our Disneyland passes expire in 3 weeks so we're trying to go as much as we can. We'll renew them again at some point, but aren't going to spend money on that right now. We went on Saturday night, but didn't go on much. We got there just as the Christmas parade was about to start so we watched that. Then we went over to California Adventure. We just found out that they are going to be expanding, so we checked out all the displays showing the new Cars themed land and the new entrance plaza they're going to put in. It seems pretty stuff each of the next 3 years. After that we went on Soarin' and the 3-D Toy Story game/ride and then headed out right before the fireworks crowd.

One of the highlights of my night was the conversation between two high schoolers sitting on the tram next to us:

Guy -- "Isn't blue your favorite color?"
Girl -- "No way!"
Guy -- "Then what is?"
Girl -- "Glitter."

Magic. In case you're wondering, I think glitter is now my favorite color too. I can't believe I never even considered it.


Darth said...

glitter is cool, but it doesn't match sparkly

Cyn said...

i am torn between glitter and shiny...sparkly is so last season.

Anonymous said...

But shimmery beats them all!