Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Long Awaited For

The Biggest Loser 8:30 on NBC tonight!

This is the episode I have been waiting tight-lipped for. Before this season started I was invited to go to the taping for the makeover episode. It was an incredible experience getting to meet the trainers and was so much fun to be there and see the transformations the contestants had made.

Every time someone would complain about Tracey I had to bite my tongue to not blurt out, no worries she wont be in the top 6. I have never been so happy as the day she was voted off, Paul can attest to my constant arguing with the tele when she kept getting to stick around week after week.

Good riddance!


Sherida said...

I am SO HAPPY she is gone. I told hubby I would do every silly dance contestants have done if they voted her off ... and I did! LOL

Cyn said...


she frustrated me because she seemed all about the game, not focused on losing weight. also i dont understand how she dropped huge numbers when she was "benched", she wasnt supposed to be doing any exercise.