Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vaca '09 Day 4: Frisco

August 10, 2009
The Mr. and Mrs. slept in a bit today. Once they arose it was time to pack up some clothes and the cameras for the days outing to San Fran. We found a cheap place to park for the day and then walked over to get day passes for the trolley/bus. We took the trolley down to Pier 39 so that we could peruse the shops and grab lunch. We then used our smarts to figure out which buses we would need to take to make it over to the Golden Gate Bridge. Once there we decided to walk across, it was quite windy and foggy!So quickly it became game time so we worked our way back to the city on the buses again and started walking towards the stadium. We paused at Mel's Diner for some good eats before heading into the Giants/Dodgers game. Our seats were straight back from home plate... as far back as you can get. The good news was that being in the back row we didn't worry about anyone throwing anything at us, because of course we were wearing our Biola loves the Dodgers shirts.

Dodgers won! A kind Giants fan asked, "You want me to take a photo for you, I wont mess it up or anything." Before heading back to SC we stopped by the twisty-turny street

Once we got back to the cottage it was sleeepy time!

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