Sunday, August 02, 2009

Don't feed the tiger!

So hot, hot, hot! In Baker it read an all time low of 106 in July! We soon found out it was "mild" temperatures because of lightening storms rolling through
Our room, FREE breakfast!
Thanks for coming along Moe
Whoopi and Erin enjoying $1 drinks
Curly and her BF enjoying a drink together
E and I went bowling at Orleans
Charlene joined us! She won some bucks playin Monopoly
Delightful dinner out at a brewery across the street
E and I went to see Dana Carvey
Then it was off to Serendipity for desert


ERIN said...

So fun, I miss it. Too bad Moe just sat around the room, atleast her ARM did.

Cyn said...

I had lots of fun with you! We so need to do it again soon. We gotta talk to the others to see if/when they want to go.