Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Clip Claws First!

At 10pm little did this fella know his life was going to change forever....Paul and I decided he was smelling a little funky so we went out and bought some kitty shampoo. Gizmo got into the bathtub all on his own, course he didn't know he was the one getting a bath this evening.

Our little champ did quite well, only a couple meeps, no clawing or clamoring to get out. He did try to hide in between my legs at one point, but otherwise was a model citizen and a role model to kitties everywhere on how to take a proper bath.

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jeri said...

when you run out of kitty shampoo, just use lemon joy dish soap, if it costs less. we use either lemon or lime joy and they are gentle enough to use on kitties. pip is usually pretty good but does try to escape sometimes. my favorite part is holding him like a baby in the towel after we fish him out of the water.