Monday, January 12, 2009


Now starring Gizmo in Fishy Affair

After a nice evening out with friends we came home to find this...

along with trash scattered about the floor and some empty water bottles. Paul had tuna for lunch and had willie nillie tossed it into the garbage can. As it turns out our 6 month old Gizmo LOVES tuna. He tried to rescue the can from being thrown away. We picked up the trash and looked around, didn't see the tuna can anywhere so we figured he didn't dig down deep enough. The following day this is what I saw

(sorry the video is dark, and pay no attention to the audio)

He was determined to get the lid out to get to the good stuff hidden underneath Gizmo was so kind as to show me where he had been hiding the prized possession he retrieved from the garbage.

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Amy said...

i am amused by both this and the previous post's videos. your kitty is funny...and has a puffy tail, which only adds to my theory he's a raccoon.