Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I get by with a little help from my friends

Yesterday afternoon my car went kaput on me, so I took it into our mechanic near our old apartment. I had the brilliant idea to bring my bike along in case it wasn't an easy fix, I could then ride it over to Biola and walk my miles for the day. Paul would come to pick me up after he was off work and done his workout and we would head home. Well that is what was the plan.

I rode my bike, I almost made it to Biola until a sapling stepped in my way. I was going down the small hill between Imperial and Biola when I hit a divot which I hadn't paid attention to and before I could correct the bike wheel I slammed into a tree. Everything happened so fast, thinking back now it is hard to remember what exactly happened.

I know that I skidded a few feet, my glasses were knocked clear off and my cell phone was missing. I stood up and started to stare at the ground trying to figure out where my glasses were and trying not to move much because I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. A guy yelled from across the street asking if I was OK. Then a dude wearing a Biola t-shirt reversed his car back towards where I was he got out and helped me find my glasses and phone. (Thank you who ever you are!) I stood there with my right leg and arm shaking assuring him I was OK and was just going across the street.

This is when I called Paul and told him what happened, he said he couldn't understand a word I was saying and that I needed to slow down and take a breath. I finally calmed myself down enough for him to understand me. Then I called Jeri hoping she could run me by a Kaiser. She didn't answer (found out later she was in a meeting). I walked over to the admin. building at Biola hoping to find her there, the ladies at the front desk looked at me like I was a crazed person who was going to do something rash. Then a man came out said he would try to get a hold of her in the meeting, sent Jeri an email and suggested I go to the health center for some ice. Problem is the health center closes at 430 during interim.

So I go back to Metzger and the brilliant idea to see if Amy is around or if she is in a meeting also pops into my head. Lucky for me Amy is there, she takes me and my bike back to her office tells me to take a seat and then finds me some ice. Amy began to look up where the nearest Kaiser is. Jeri and Ruth both show up, Jeri helps Amy navigate Kaisers website and Ruth finds a first aid kit to clean up some of the deeper abrasions. A plan is devised, Amy will take Ruth to pick up her car and Jeri will take me to the doctors.

Paul beat us to Kaiser so Jeri dropped me off and the boy took me inside to get fixed up. They take my vitals and put us in a room. An x-ray is ordered and a tetanus shot. The doctor looked me over and after looking at the x-ray nothing is broken just sprained, strained, scraped, bruised and sore. Photos show a few of the scrapes and my GIANT bump on my arm.

Doc says I will be quite sore, and I am to make sure the area stays covered, clean and I should watch for any possible infections.

The Tree was a fierce competitor, since at the end he was standing and I was not it has been concluded that The Tree is the winner. I do not think it was a fair fight as he is rooted in the ground and I was in motion.


Moe said...

My poor bubby! I still say investing in a helmet is a good idea!

Cyn said...

Now picture with your mind having GIANT bruises covering those areas entrely. I am more sore from this than any car accident I have ever been in, which suprises me greatly.

David said...

I told you, it was those darn sapplings. I always have to tell them to get off my lawn. The tree won the battle but the war is ours! The final battle will end with a lovely bon-fire.

Cyn said...

They sure do. Beach bonfire, we shall rise again!

Marc said...

Sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you're doing better.

Thany said...

Oh Cyndi!!!!
Tell me you are feeling beter now?
Kristy fell off her bike awhile ago and split her chin open. It was quite the spectacle.

Cyn said...

I am feeling better, still quite bruised though. Right now I think it looks a lot worse than it feels, as long as I dont hit my bruises on anything. My knee is tweeked a bit.

Now to get back on that bike...