Sunday, December 07, 2008

Peace'd Out

After our last day of NaBlPoMo (btw we were one of the "winners" for the month) we sort of peace'd out on you all because we were insanely busy with work, working out, going on adventures and living life. We will catch you all up on our week of wonderful outings during this coming week. Be patient because I only have 11 days before I head to SD for two and a half weeks so things are about to get mighty hectic around here.

Coming up:
Monday-- My schools staff vs. students volleyball game
Tuesday-- Christmas Tree, free movie screening
Wednesday-- Finishing up shopping
Thursday--Christmas Cards and Letter ready to go out
Friday-- Nothing yet...
Saturday-- Kings game and hanging out with Jeric
Sunday-- Cleaning up & preparing for following week
...Throw in work and working out...


Thany said...

I love how "winners" is in quotes-what did you get??

Hutch said...

We have a tin of "Monster Cookies" coming our way! They look good to me.