Sunday, November 30, 2008


For the last few years Paul and I have been "camping" outside of a store on Thanksgiving in preparation for Black Friday. Occasionally we have people who tag along and this year we were happy to have TK along for the adventure. This year we were outside of Circuit City hoping to get some electronics and DVD's at incredible prices. Unlike years past I could not keep my eyes open to watch a movie, listen to iPod or do puzzle books. I climbed into my sleeping bag and crashed as much as I could. Next to us was a very loud group of boys who talked for 5 hours straight. I never knew guys could talk SO much! Paul was up the entire time, apparently the coffee I got him had him wired and he literally did laps around the parking lot for almost 2 hours. We made it through the night and did not get trampled in the morning! We were able to accomplish our mission and cross a few people of our list. All in all a good start to this holiday season.

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