Monday, December 08, 2008

The Doctor Is In

In August I tried to take my mom to the Dr. Phil show. The show we got tickets for ended up being his big intro to a new Weight Loss Challenge. Mom and I ended up sitting out side for hours and hours, she never got to see Dr. Phil or a show! We just clapped for the teams as they came "running" by. Because of the way this show was handled we were given passes and invited back to be VIP guests to a future show.

Veteran's Day was the only available date I was off work and able to go so Mom drove up and off we went. It was great we got to park on the lot, had free coffee and waited just a short while before we were taken in to see a show and a half in some terrific seats. Once the show was through Mom and I were escorted back and had the chance to meet and talk with Dr. Phil we ended our visit with a quick photo opp.

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