Thursday, February 14, 2008

Catch-Up: Its gunna be a long one

When we last spoke I was exhausted, I am still recovering.
So Paul and I (during opposite shifts) helped Jeric move. There was much heavy lifting, moving boxes and some good time spent hanging out and talking while moving boxes and heavy lifting. I have quite a few bruises to show for it, at last count 7 (guess I should start taking iron pills again).

While Paul was doing the moving and lifting thing with Jeric I was at the alumni softball game. SO much fun! I love getting together and seeing the old crew (hi Jen!) Every year I realize how much I miss playing on a regular basis... anyone know of a team I can join?

Sunday was Mommys birthday so I headed down to SD. I showed up at her house with her starbucks drink and some flowers. We ran some errands and grabbed a sandwich for lunch. Then I headed to Tiffany's baby shower. It was nice to catch up with KJ, Annie, Rori, Nicole and Erin while celebrating Tiffany becoming a mommy for the second time.

After the shower Mom and I decided to take a drive up to one of the local Indian Casinos since we had two free dinners at the buffet. We had a nice dinner and a good time playing some slots. We also got to hear a concert by the Wallflowers. Then we headed home and to bed as I started not feeling so good.

Monday we went out for breakfast to the Original Pancake House. Ran some more errands, did some laundry. Went to see Fool's Gold

Then we had to take Meeko to the vet for her yearly shots and check-up. She did not enjoy getting shots at all and auctually hissed really hissed at the vet. I felt so bad for my little kitty. We were told she is getting a little chunky, so I suppose we need to get a new laser pointer so she gets a bit more exercise. Afterwards we grabbed dinner and then I had to head home to get ready for the up coming week.

One day last week I started my day at 7am teaching my students and then at 2 pm I had the pleasure of taking 60 of our 8th graders to BU for a guided tour of the campus, a photo scavenger hunt, dinner in the cafe and watch the basketball game. I had a good time hanging out with the students even though our day didnt end till around 10pm.


Amy said...

i asked paul why meeko had a vet appointment and he said it was because she "fails at life" was "fool's gold"? is it worth my $10?

mom h said...

you can probably play softball with Bradley on Wednesday nights..they have had girls on the team