Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Back to School

Today, on my 4th attempt, I finally got accepted to East L.A. College. Don't laugh...I hear it's the Harvard of Aztlan. I'm taking Intro to Digital Photography and from what I saw, I probably have the best camera in the class. Most of the class is older though there are enough actual college students in there to make me feel young again. So far I haven't been invited to any frat parties, but I'm sure that'll be coming up soon.

Since I'm not from the area, I had to attend an orientation before my actual class started. You can see some of the highlights here:

Once I proved I could fit in, I went off to find where I was supposed to be. I was 20 minutes late to class because I had to run around to different offices to become official and then get the flash card we needed for today's lesson. However, I did get all the extra credit during class so that should have made up for my attendance issues.

Most of the class time was spent getting people used to using the Macs. Then we watched some DVDs about how to get started with digital photography. The camera they raved about the most in it was the one I have so that was cool. We were given time at the end of class to take pictures around campus and have an assignment to take several different types of pictures throughout the week. I have finished my other assignments without any trouble so I got to leave 2 hours early.


Darth said...

Are East LA College and Golden West Rivals? If so, then it's so on!

jeri said...

Say hello to all the BOLD students completing their GE requirements. :)

Thany said...

Woo Hoo for photography and kick butt cameras! Post some of your work when you get started.

Hutch said...

Actually, I've spent more time in classrooms at Golden West than at ELAC so my loyalties are still divided.

I've been meaning to post a few pics I've taken so far with the new camera. Maybe I'll get around to posting them this tomorrow.

Amy said...

so now 2 of us are in college....maybe if someone else hadnt been a college class dropout, mom and dad could proudly say all 3 of their children were in college learning stuff. the only difference being that my studies are more hardcore than your photo course and whatever it was bradley was taking

Darth said...

first of all, i finished regular college, but i am a community college dropout, get it right. and actually i didn't dropout, i got kicked out...oh and I was taking managment, in hopes of one day moving up to middle management, where people would be afraid of me, and i'd drive a dodge stratus.