Thursday, December 16, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Rain! Rain and Rain!

We braved the rain to go get our beautiful Christmas tree. It almost didn't happen as it began pouring. Paul and I figured we would just get in and out as quick as possible, open up no more than a few trees and just pick one! We walked two feet inside the Home Depot lot and found ourselves ankle deep in puddles. Hummmm, well there was no going back now, we were already soaked.

Quickly as possible we found ourselves a tree to take home, and made a stop at Albertsons for some groceries. Paul hauled the tree inside while I went to find the stand (we were planning on just having the tree lot do it for us but they didn't have any stands).

  Gizmo being part of the family decided he needed to check out the tree so he found himself alone, locked in our room. There was a Christmas miracle when Paul was able to get the tree into its stand and it wasn't leaning or anything. Finally Gizmo was allowed to come out and fully inspect his first full sized Christmas tree.

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