Sunday, December 19, 2010

2nd Annual Wii Tournament

Tournament of the Wii 
(hopefully becoming bi- or tri-annual)

It is always fun to have people over to our place. Saturday evening the Price's and Agadoni's came over to enjoy some awesome tacos/burritos along with chips and salsa for dinner.

Allowing time for digestion (didn't want anyone to get a cramp) we sat and swapped stories for awhile. Finally it was time. The Price's had to relinquish the trophy that they had been hiding away for a year and it was finally up for grabs again.

The tournament was some fierce competition this year. But The Hutchins were victorious! The trophy is displayed proudly atop their entertainment center.
 While there was not time to play with fondant this year we merely made a 12 story high Christmas Tree out of cookies. Desert was enjoyed by all.

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