Friday, November 26, 2010


Black Friday was quite a bit different this year. While I was glad we were able to be inside Walmart for a few hours as it was very chilly last night but I am so not a fan of how it went down. After we enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving meal with family it was time to head down to SD. There was some traffic coming down that was unexpected.

First up we headed for Old Navy, trying to get a video game. We were unsuccessful but lucky for us they handed out the cards at midnight so we were able to jet over to Walmart once we knew that Old Navy was not going to hook us up. The parking lot was jammed up as they were open all day on Thanksgiving and began some sales at midnight. We were slightly freaked out once in the store looking around at giant and mini lines everywhere.

Finally we found where the line we needed was and were told that the tickets had already been passed out and there were none left. I was bummed but thought I would ask someone else in line and an employee before we stepped out of line. Upon approaching a manager type employee at the front of our mini line and was told in a hushed tone to get back in line and she would be with us in a minute. SWEET! Lucky for us the instructions were for everyone who received a ticket to stay in line, if you left the line for ANY reason you forfeited the item. Bummer for those who stepped out of line but we were able to score a ticket. The store only had 40 in stock, which I think is crazy for a door buster on Black Friday.

So at just after midnight I was handed my ticket for the item and told to stay in line until 2am at that time we would be issued wristbands. Paul went around to try and find the smaller items (DVDs and video games for people on our list) while I hung out in the dog/cat food aisle for a couple hours. After the wristbands were given out we were allowed to roam about the store gathering other items, napping or snagging a bite to eat.

Everyone was warned that they needed to be back in line by 5am or the item would be given to another individual. I did a few laps around the store and hooked up the caffeine before walking back by the area we were lined up in. People were already back in line at 3am! I couldn't believe it we had till 5am. The problem was that there was a blue vs. pink issue and I surely wasn't going to end up with pink after coming that far. I scooped up some magazines and dog beds to cushion my bum then parked myself back in line. 5am rolled around and score got exactly what we were waiting for (glad to be able to help friends out)!

During this time Paul headed down to Target (the other end of the mall) and had to brave the cold cold night (poor Bubba). He was able to score a few more items on our lists and come 530am we were on our way back to Old Navy to pick up some jeans for my mom. Doing all that we could do at that hour it was time to grab some ZZZZZs.

Alarm went off at noon. Grubbed and headed back out with my mom in tow to the mall. Got some more amazing deals and called it a night at 8pm. Now snuggling on the couch relaxing watching the tele.

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Thany said...

We Zabs think you guys are pretty amazing you know.