Friday, November 19, 2010

Eastside : Wellness

This amazing cruise I got to take in celebration of my 30th year of life was a Wellness Cruise. Which means a lot of the "regular" cruise things were changed up a bit. To begin with Jill's entourage was on board. The ship still had food available 24 hours a day but the choices were for the most part healthier and all of the nutritional info was on the menu so that you could make informed decisions as to what you were eating when.

Dr. Van Herle - Did health screenings and seminars on a variety of topics

Paige Padgett - Jill's personal hair/make-up artist, she did seminars on beauty products and makeovers.

A slew of trainers (Steve Lee, Heidi Rhoades, Marco Borges, Jeanette Jenkins, Basheerah Ahmad) who did all kinds of group workouts (yoga, spin, synergy, boot camps, kickboxing, water) and seminars.

Three families that were on Jill's new show "Losing It" did a Q & A

Jo Ann McKarus (aka Jill's mom) - A therapist gave seminars on mental wellness.

Deck wars which included basketball tournaments, push-up contests, dance contest, belly flop contest, men's wet t-shirt contest, cannonball contest, a sweat station (prove you worked out and earn points for your team), and laps for tokens (earn a token for each lap you complete on deck 7).

Devin Alexander was on board to give cooking demonstrations.

Of course in addition to all of this awesomeness Jill also had two comedians aboard, DJs ( Frankie Needles and Jenna Brown), some musical talent (Michael Tolcher, Missy Higgins and Yacht Rock Revue).  

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