Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blog-cation over?

If anyone has been paying attention, you may have noticed that it's been quite a while since I've posted on here. I know it's been at least a year. Could be two. I'm sure the Mrs knows exactly how long because the topic has been brought up on occasion. At the moment I'm too lazy to look it up....and I'm ok with that. I think part of the reason it's been so long is that once I got out of the habit it didn't seem like a good time to post again unless I had something really cool to post. A Zab style post that would get lots of comments. I will tell you right now this is not that post. It does have a funny story coming up, but really the reason I am posting is that Cyndi didn't do it earlier and is driving home from Sandy Eggo so I didn't want the NaBloPoMo posting streak to end.

The funny story? Ah yes. So Wednesdays at work mean team meetings. It's the only day of the week that everyone in every department works. So most of us do our team meetings in our various offices when the kids go back to school for the afternoon.

This week while we were going over our business, both speaker phones in our office came on. Apparently someone in our health office accidentally pushed the button marked "Conference" on their phone. I always wondered what that button did. Now I know. It makes your phone into an intercom so you can broadcast to every single phone on campus. The best part was that just after the button was pushed, one of their staff began questioning whether or not penises could fall asleep like legs or arms do. A lengthy debate continued for every administrator, office, and yes, classroom to hear until finally someone tracked down where they were meeting and pulled the plug on the phone. Luckily for one person, they did not broadcast the name of whoever was complaining of such a thing. That would not have ended well.

So there you go. Is my blog-cation really over? Time will tell.