Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"I threw up in my mouth" - Jillian Michaels 3.10.10

I had the opportunity to go see a taping of the Dr. Phil show today. I am not going to say much because I am pretty sure I signed my life away on that green paper they made me put my signature on.

First off the show was a debate about fat people. One one side they Jillian Michaels, Meme Roth and Micheal Karolchyk and the other Erica Watson, Mary, and one of the heads of NAAFA. ( I have linked an info page to each of the people so you can read about who they are, in case you don't know) In the middle of these two sides was Kelly Osborne. Jillian seemed to think when she walked out on stage that the debate was going to be that the people to her left were saying that being obese was healthy. About 10min. in she looked like she would like to move to the other side of the panel. It was a very intense episode.

The quote at the top of my post was a comment made by Jillian about Mr. Karolchyk, and is also why I am writing this post now as apposed to when this episode airs. Mr. Karolchyk is despicable. I am appalled by his tactics and am quite certain that if someone did to me what he does to his clients I would hall off and knock him out. He created Anti-Gym and his tag line is No Chubbies! This is a Denver based business which he has now expanded to San Diego and soon to LA. I would call him a mental abuser. Here is a little about his gym...

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