Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Are you ready for some baseball!

VGCC sponsored a Padres game complete with BBQ before hand at a price we couldn't refuse. Paul and I met up with Jason and David at church, had a nice time talking and enjoying the food. Around 530 people started packing up and heading over to the game. Paul has always wanted to try the SD Trolley so we drove down to JACK MURPHY parked for free and hopped on the trolley. It was about a 20 minute trip. I loved not having to deal with any downtown traffic or one-way streets! We sat with the Laughtenbach and had a nice time cheering on the Padres and talking about what has been going on in our lives. Paul had to drive home after the game so even though it was tied in the 10th we left, something that we generally frown upon.

After taking the trolley back to the car we swung by Amy's new place to check it out. Then Paul dropped me back off at moms, grabbed his stuff and headed for home and a very meepy kitty.

Soon as I got home I of course looked up the score to see who won. Padres won 6-5 over the Reds with a walk off home run in the 16th inning.


Darth said...

2 problems with this post, first of all I have no idea where Jack Murphy is, only Qualcomm.

The biggest question is that the title of your post is "are you ready for some baseball1" and then you go on to talk about something the padres did. And seeing the padres this year, I can assure you, its nothing close to be "playing baseball".

jeri said...

nice lips!

Cyn said...

there is no Qualcomm, only Jack Murphy. and if you dont know Jack i am sad for you read a newspaper.

and second that is an exclamation point, get some glasses!