Friday, April 24, 2009

So... That Just Happened

Last night TK and I needed to make a quick run to the store because I wanted some garlic bread to have with dinner. Very quickly we find what we were looking for and on our way to the checkout line. TK paused to look at a magazine for a moment.

While we were standing in front of a section of the magazines a man comes walking down the aisle and stops. Looks at me like why dont you move. Then a moment later said excuse me I take a step back figuring he saw something in the center part he wanted to look at or pick up. He keeps moving towards me though so I shuffle backwards as quick as I can.

He picks up the front copy of a magazine with 3 models on the cover, says hello ladies and then KISSES the one in the middle! Puts the magazine back gives me a weird look and then continues pushing his shopping cart down another aisle. I looked at TK and said Yea.... that just happened!