Friday, April 10, 2009

I said "Science is Good"

Hutch, TK, Donkey and I took a trip up to the CA Science Center. They are having a special exibit where you can pretend to be a CSI. We were assigned a crime scene and had to examine the evidence and come to a conclusion as to what happened. Being a HUGE fan of CSI: I could hardly contain myself!
After we solved the case we walked around all the rest of the rooms, and the boys found some toys to play with. Paul decided to see what hurricane winds felt like.

After the Science Center closed for the day we headed out to the rose gardens to walk around and enjoy the beautiful sights. Tons of flowers were in bloom!

As it was getting close to rush hour we decided it was time to leave and head back to the apartment to come up with a dinner plan and take naps (well some of us took naps...).


Melissa said...

Hey if Paul really wants to experience a hurricane, you all are more than invited!! Hurricane season is from 6/21- 11/1. The bulk of the hurricanes come between August and October. OBTW don't forget your shorts/tank tops and bottled water! haha the gov. hands out MREs.

Darth said...

i would think that being in a hurricane would blow........see what i did there? i'm hilarious.

oh and my word verification is: tardsour...which will not be my insult to you're tardsour.....awesome

Amy said...

awww CSI crime scene! man...i want to do that...why does no one tell me about things like this? CSI/crime scene stuff is how my favorite episode of 'america's next top model' is when they did a crime scene photoshoot...jealous.